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“I Still Can’t Believe You Didn’t Win It That Year.” Jay Cutler’s Exceptional Physique Video From 2005 Leaves Fans Stunned

Radha Iyer

Jay Cutler’s Resurfaced Physique From a 2005 Video Leaves Fans Stunned

Since 2006, Jay Cutler has dominated the Mr. Olympia stage with extra credits for overthrowing the reigning champion Ronnie Coleman. The ‘Comeback King’, as his fans knew him, had already been winning the hearts of the bodybuilding community due to his near-perfect physique. Now that he has retired with four Mr. Olympia titles, his prime physique often leaves the community stunned.

Recently, in a resurfaced video, Cutler was featured on a radio show back in 2005 where he was seen flaunting his gains. The video caught the attention of current-day fans, who were in awe of the conditioning merely two weeks out from the championship.

It turns out that the video featured in one of his workout DVDs from 2005, titled ‘One Step Closer’. The interview took place at the Komp 92.3 The Rock Station studio, along with several other inquisitive radio jockeys wanting to get a glimpse of his physique before the Mr. Olympia show. While Cutler had happily obliged back then, the show hosts weren’t the only ones in awe of his physique at his prime.

Resurfaced footage where Cutler went on to pose for photographs with the jockeys, has since taken the internet by storm. Fans on Facebook couldn’t help but admire the champion’s body, despite knowing he didn’t bag the title that year.

Some expressed their disbelief at his loss in 2005.

“I still can’t believe you didn’t win it that year. No disrespect to Ronnie, but you had it all.”

Others recognized what went into the chiseling of the award-winning physique.

“Years of dedication and hard work!”

One fan even pointed out how no one could cut close to Cutler’s gains on some parts.

“Nobody had a bigger set of lats. Traps.”

Being fit all these years has almost made him a GOAT among other bodybuilding veterans. A fan acknowledged that by commenting:

“Living legend…”

Lastly, some ardent fans who have been watching and supporting Cutler for years also chimed in.

“Jay I’ve been watching you for nearly 3 decades man and what a f@%king beast you still are dude!…”

At 50, Cutler still manages to surprise people with his stamina and dedication to his regular workouts. His physique at this age has still impressed many fans who admire him for taking up the Fit for 50 challenge and crushing it. Recently, he revealed how often he worked out to maintain his build, and the answer was shocking.

Jay Cutler admitted to working out seven days a week

Ever since he hung up his posing trunks in 2013, Cutler hasn’t stopped working on his body, albeit within limits. His bicep tear during his prime served him the biggest warning against pushing himself too hard. But that doesn’t stop him from working daily without a single day off.

In a Q&A video on YouTube, Cutler recently confessed that he worked out seven days a week and often visited the gym twice a day. He distributed his daily workouts into cardio and specific exercises throughout the day. Therefore, even if he did skip, he still made it to the gym for cardio. The only times he found it difficult to work out was while traveling.

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