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Lee Priest Hilariously Confesses He Was ‘Very Disappointed’ by Jay Cutler’s Fast Food Choice

Radha Iyer

Lee Priest Hilariously Confesses He Was ‘Very Disappointed’ by Jay Cutler’s Fast Food Choice

Iconic bodybuilders have followed some of the most strictest and outrageous diet plans to get their dream physiques. Out of these, Jay Cutler happened to be one of the few who cut down on many popular fast foods, including KFC.

A few months ago, he recalled an old clip where he claimed to have never tried the fast food chain and decided to give it a go. The results were quite underwhelming, and Cutler confessed how he didn’t feel as overwhelmed about it. This verdict reached fellow bodybuilding icon, Lee Priest‘s ears, who was appalled by the situation.

To throw some light on the matter, Priest has been a self-proclaimed connoisseur of KFC for the longest time. He would frequently order takeout to the extent that fans knew his love for the brand.

In a recent post, Priest put up a picture of him and Cutler interacting at the Music City Fit Expo. He aired his grievance in the caption, calling his comrade out on his go-to order at KFC and where he went wrong.


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“Now Jay, I’ll tell you this once more. I saw your KFC video very disappointed. Why would anyone order chicken tenders from KFC?”

Priest pointed out how Cutler made the mistake of trying to stick to his diet at a fast food chain known for deep frying their protein. Instead, he wanted him to give in to temptations and try something else.

“You went there and tried to go healthy. It’s original chicken or nothing. I need to teach you the ways of the Darkside.”

Since his retirement at 40, Cutler has still managed to make waves across the internet due to his ripped physique. A decade later, he still works out just as hard as he did before to maintain his gains. However, similar to the KFC incident, he has also been taking the time to explore activities that he didn’t allow himself to indulge in before.

Jay Cutler surprised fans by performing an exercise he swore against

Being a bodybuilder takes planning on multiple levels and fields, including constructing an ideal workout routine. For Cutler, it meant focusing only on a certain group of exercises and letting go of others since it didn’t serve his purpose and carried the danger of injury.

Deadlifting can be an impressive exercise with several benefits when fitness enthusiasts stack up weights. However, Cutler avoided it for the longest time, especially after his bicep tear in 2011, to avoid causing more injuries. Eventually, he did recently end up deadlifting some weights during a regular workout, making it a full circle moment.

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