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Mike Mentzer Once Addressed an Issue, Emphasizing on How “Volume Is a Negative Factor”

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Mike Mentzer Once Raved on About the Positives of Weight Training

In the realm of bodybuilding, the subject of muscle growth is always trending. But there are a lot of misconceptions about it. The legendary Mike Mentzer once said the volume of an exercise has a direct correlation to the results. In the resurfaced audio tape published by Heavy Duty College on YouTube, the late icon underlined the harmful repercussions of it.

There is a common misunderstanding between volume and intensity when it comes to fitness. The amount of time spent training or the repetitions and sets performed during an exercise are two ways to quantify volume.

However, intensity has an entirely different meaning, as per research studies. The weight that an individual lifts or the rate at which one exercises are the two ways that define intensity.

As part of certain exercise routines, an individual must commit to sets. Since everyone has a distinct level of perseverance, this might range from person to person. Having said that, Mentzer does bring up one drawback of the volume of exercise, saying:

“I said the issue of volume is a negative factor. Even one set represents a negative influence here in so far that you do any sets at all, you make an inroad, and the greater that inroad, more and more and more of your body’s resources are wasted on filling the whole recovery.”

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To grow muscles, it is crucial to undergo muscle hypertrophy, which is essentially the recuperation process. Mentzer, however, highlights how this recovery process can be affected overall if a negative influence occurs. Additionally, he gave his followers a message, saying:

“Overcoming the deficit leaving that much less left over for building the mountain on top, overcompensating in the form of muscle growth.”

The negative effects of exercise volume are just one of several problems in the fitness regime. Overtraining is one of the most ignorant aspects of the fitness world, according to Mentzer, who has previously pointed out that it may create major health problems.

Mike Mentzer exposes the issues surrounding overtraining

Following HIT, Mike Mentzer often stressed the need to go all out until failure. According to the knowledge of the late icon, one may see significant muscular gains, if one maintains this routine. However, he did mention once that overtraining, which is the exact reverse of what he did, may be harmful to an individual.

Overtraining doesn’t trigger muscle hypertrophy, which means there is no muscle development since there is zero recuperation. He further cites research by Dr. Kenneth Cooper, who mentioned how heart problems and cancer are among the health problems that may be caused by overtraining. Even though Mentzer constantly said to push oneself to one’s limit, he also said to keep a certain effort level.

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