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Mike Mentzer Once Warned Bodybuilders to Not ‘Sell Themselves Short’ With a Common Physique Myth if They Don’t See Progress

Radha Iyer

Mike Mentzer Once Unveiled the Reality of High-Intensity Training Depleting Energy Resources for ‘Size and Strength’

For decades, many bodybuilders have often been called “genetic freaks” or have had their gains attributed to their hereditary system. However, Mike Mentzer once admitted that the theory might need some thought to it. In a YouTube clip posted by Heavy Duty College, he once talked about problems in training that could arise under the guise of “bad genetics”.

Mentzer suggested that bodybuilding as a sport worked based on one set of principles. He indicated that these rules were based on his high-intensity training technique, which he picked up from fitness icon Arthur Jones.

Often, he believed bodybuilders tended to place the blame for their lack of training skills on genetics or associate their lack of gains with it. However, not having the perfect genetic trait shouldn’t be the reason for quitting bodybuilding training.

Mentzer wanted newbies to understand the core principles of anatomy and muscle growth to maximize their size and conditioning. High-intensity training allowed them to do so since it focused on more power, less number of sets, and less time spent in the gym.

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“Many bodybuilders sell themselves short erroneously attributing their lack of progress to a poverty of the requisite genetic trait instead of to their counterproductive training practices.”

Mentzer has always maintained how traditional volume training has often shown a lack of results due to the lack of intensity and lesser recovery time involved. Rest and recovery are crucial for muscle growth, and Mentzer’s special heavy-duty plan allows multiple days of rest to make sure the individual gets gains.

“Just as there is and can be only one set of valid principles explaining the physiology of the human body, so there can be and is only one valid theory, i.e. one set of principles of productive bodybuilding exercises.”

And similar to his one-track perception of bodybuilding training, Mentzer had a similar take on nutrition. Elaborate diet plans or overloading on protein could be counterproductive to one’s routine. Instead, he once suggested a simple principle to ensure optimum nutrition while working out in the gym for gains.

Mike Mentzer once revealed the negative side of too much protein

Mentzer was a huge believer in the fact that any form of training plan must carry an appropriate diet plan to suit the bodybuilder’s needs. However, it was necessary to walk the tightrope of nutrition with caution and awareness.

In one of the resurfaced videos posted by Heavy Duty College, he talked about how protein overload could simply result in increased body fat. Every nutrient contains calories, and an increase in calories could lead to unfavorable results. Overloading protein could provide no added benefit since it’s simply adding extra calories to the mix.

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