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Ronnie Coleman Pays Tribute to His Police Officer Job at a Special Occasion

Radha Iyer

Ronnie Coleman Pays Tribute to His Police Officer Job at a Special Occasion

Ronnie Coleman donned many hats during his prime apart from shining bright as a bodybuilding icon. His impressive resume is not limited to being one of the most ripped bodybuilders in the history of the sport, but also a police officer.

He joined the police force in 1989 in Arlington, Texas, while still actively training towards his other passion – fitness. For the longest time, even after he won the Mr. Olympia championship, Coleman continued with his previous job. Even when he eventually quit, he looked back at his days as a police officer with nostalgia and fondness.

He recently got the opportunity to share his experience with officers from all across the country at the Street Cop Convention in Orlando, Florida. In a heartwarming speech, he recalled his glorious days before and during bodybuilding while inspiring other cops to live their dreams.

The convention hosted over 1000 officers of various designations and wanted Coleman to pump them up in his style. He talked about one’s purpose in life and how officers like them were bound to make the world a better place to live in.

“I believe wholeheartedly, we all have a calling to make this world a better place for each and every single one of us.”

Passion had always been his driving force towards any form of undertaking in his life. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising that Coleman still missed his police officer job at 60, where he’d patrol around and keep crimes in check.

“I was doing two of the jobs that I truly love doing each and every single day. I had the best life ever and I still, to this day, miss working that job.”

He ended his address with a powerful command to the officers to continue serving with courage and compassion. After his speech, several cop fans met up with him for photographs and signatures.

Street Cop world unites to honor Ronnie Coleman

Several cops were excited to hear and greet Coleman as he had set the ideal balance between being buff and fighting for the law. Iconic videos of him patrolling across his area, flaunting his jacked self, had already created a strong impression on these cops from the convention.

One fan admitted that he wasn’t even aware of Coleman’s alternative career until he attended the conference.

“I didn’t know he was a police officer until I got to come to this conference!…I mean…he’s still killing it at his age.”

Another fan recalled the exact moment when the bodybuilder etched himself into his memory.

“I think everybody’s seen the infamous videos of him… riding a motorcycle with the spaghetti tank top on. I mean, looking jacked…his grind, his hustle is honestly inspirational.”

When asked what Coleman and his career meant to him, an officer was quick to respond.

“Bodybuilding… something I don’t think I could ever get into. But it’s definitely something to be able to see these guys achieve.”

He served as a significant source of inspiration for many, where one fan pointed out:

“He’s a mentor to a lot of people…just to show that you know you can do two full-time jobs all at one time…you can adapt and overcome and organize your life to be able to get to that point.”

Finally, since it was also his birthday at the time of posting the video of the event on YouTube, a fan credited him for inspiring them to start working out.

“Happy birthday!! Ronnie was the first freak of nature bodybuilder I discovered years ago as a teen on the internet that made me started working out…”

Coleman has been a testimony to the heights one could go to fulfill their passions. That’s what makes him a class apart compared to other bodybuilders. At 60, he may not be as active as he used to be, but that doesn’t stop him from fueling others to reach for the stars.

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