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“Break the Record”: Hafthor Bjornsson Stun Fans With His Safety Bar Squats Update, Seeking a New Challenge

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“Break the Record”: Hafthor Bjornsson Stun Fans With His Safety Bar Squats Update, Seeking a New Challenge

Arnold Classic UK 2024 was Hafthor Bjornsson‘s most recent tournament. Despite his narrow loss against Canadian rival Mitchell Hooper, the Icelandic giant is already looking for a new challenge, as he urged his followers in his most recent Instagram post. Bjornsson has also shocked his fans with a remarkable safety bar squat workout in the same IG post.

The vibrant Vivaldi Winter Drill #2 by Veneris served as background music for the IG post. Bjornsson is shown ready to squat with 190 kg (around 418 lbs) of weight.

The strongman removes what seem to be weights from Rouge Fitness, based on their labels, and gets ready to squat in his home gym. ‘The Mountain’ squatted correctly and without any hesitancy, taking his time. With the same look, he returned the bar to its rack, completing his squat.

Beyond just mentioning the weights and lifting them, Bjornsson left his admirers with a question. Because it related to his future, the question was crucial.

“Safety bar squats 190kg 4 reps 4 sets. Which strongman competition should I compete in next?”

The Shaw Classic, which Brian Shaw hosts annually, will begin in August. There were a lot of people who thought the strongman should participate in this event; as one fan wrote, “Shaw classic 100%!!”

This fan is thrilled for the remainder of his season, saying, “Shaw no doubt. BREAK THE RECORD.” Another fan with a suggestion wrote, “Strongest Man on Earth contest absolutely!”

A fan of Bjornsson wants a WR to be broken; as they say, “The one with regular deadlift in it for you to smash and shut Eddie for good by crushing the WR in an event.”

It looks like ‘The Mountain’ has motivated one of his fans; as they say, “Just casually squatting 190 huh Thor? Biggest motivation is this man right here.” Another fan wrote, “Let’s go champ.”

The world recalls Hafthor Bjornsson’s 88,000 lbs aircraft stint

A strongman may be more interested in dragging an 88,000-pound airship than in lifting weights at the gym. Hafthor Bjornsson once achieved something comparable while competing in the World’s Strongest Man competition, as strange and terrifying as that may seem. While the same contest has provided spectators with several strongmen, the spectacle of ‘The Mountain’ was unforgettable.

Athletes had to drag a US military wonder, the C-130 Hercules, 25 meters in one round. Except for the Icelandic giant, no one else could pull the airship down. Even though he was 0.10 meters short of the finish line, his incredible performance went down in the annals of strongmen.

Post Edited By:Brandon Gabriel Isaacs

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