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“This Would Be the Greatest Come-back Ever”: Phil Heath Sweats It Out With Hany Rambod, Leaving the Bodybuilding World Excited for More

Brandon Gabriel Isaacs

“This Would Be the Greatest Come-back Ever”: Phil Heath Sweats It Out With Hany Rambod, Leaving the Bodybuilding World Excited for More

In 2023, bodybuilding legend Phil Heath confirmed he wouldn’t return to the competitive stage that year. Fans, however, have been eager to see ‘The Gift’s’ return ever since. Heath recently posted a video on his Instagram account, showing him training alongside his mentor, Hany Rambod. Upon seeing this video and the banter between the two, fans could not keep calm and sensed that something was cooking up for this year. 

It was in 2020 when Heath last stepped on stage for the final time, but even after not competing professionally, he made sure to be active, keeping his physique in the best shape. Given Heath’s unwavering commitment to building an incredible physique, fans hold high expectations that he might return this year with a formidable figure.

Furthermore, the two also pull each other’s legs while undergoing intense training and workouts. Heath and veteran coach Hany Rambod go a long way back. It is no surprise to anyone how close they are, as they share a special bond. 

Taking a sly dig at coach Rambod and speaking about his training routine, Phil captioned the post, which read:

“In the last 4 years, I’ve yet to train a month straight. I’m thankful that my body responds so well @hanyrambod won’t admit this but he misses the hell outta the Dream Killer.”


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In the video, while training and pushing Heath to his fullest, the legendary bodybuilder portrays a witty dialogue from the movie John Wick to Rambod and says:

“This is the moment where, like John Wick said, you wanted me back.”

Rambod responded to this by jokingly calling him stupid.

“You’re stupid. Because you look like this, and you don’t do s**t. And that’s from one workout from us together.”

Motivating Phil Heath to go all out during their training session and guiding him through poses under the perfect light, the duo seemed to have had a lot of fun at the Evogen Headquarters. Once the training was wrapped up, Heath was thankful to his mentor and called him “the greatest trainer.”

Furthermore, the 24-time Olympia title-winning coach heaped praise on Heath’s physique. He pointed out that when he began posing, he started getting 3D again. This kind of 3D physique he had seen only back in 2020, and he said:

“You can see how dormant the muscle is; it’s all there; it’s just within hiding underneath a layer, so now it really wants to come back out.”

After witnessing the two train together and share a special moment, fans seemed more excited than ever. However, what got them even more excited and hopeful that Phil Heath would make a comeback was when coach Hany Rambod quoted a particular word and said:

“It’s coming.”

The bodybuilding world expresses its excitement after witnessing Phil Heath train hard with coach Hany Rambod

After watching his new training video, the 7-time Mr. Olympia champion fans couldn’t contain their excitement and happiness. Eagerly waiting for him to make a return to the competitive arena, one fan wrote:

“This would be the greatest come-back ever.”

Hany Rambod himself took to the comments section and penned:

“I have to admit I do miss when the Dream Killer came out to take scalps and braids.”

Another fan, who wishes to see Heath back on stage, wrote:

“Not only him, but the whole world wants you to see you on stage again.”

A big fan of the bodybuilder made a plea.

“Then comeback to 2024 Olympia, just don’t only talk.. I’m big fan.”

One fan directly asked Phil a question about his comeback and commented:

“Will we get to see one last dance?”

Fans now anxiously wait for Heath to make a comeback. However, only time will tell what the future holds for the bodybuilder.

Post Edited By:Simar Singh Wadhwa

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