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Veteran Bodybuilders Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, and Many More ‘Step Back in Time’ With Resurfaced Footage From Mr. Olympia 2009 Photoshoot

Radha Iyer

Veteran Bodybuilders Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, and Many More ‘Step Back in Time’ With Resurfaced Footage From Mr. Olympia 2009 Photoshoot

The good old days when bodybuilding was all about aesthetics and photo ops were recently in the limelight. A resurfaced video posted by veteran bodybuilder Chris Cormier took enthusiasts and fellow athletes back in time.

Featuring some of the iconic mass monsters, including Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Cormier, Dexter Jackson, and others, the video was a tribute to the father of Mr. Olympia, Joe Weider. The clip itself was a behind-the-scenes glimpse from a 2009 Mr. Olympia photoshoot.

All bodybuilders took turns to get pictures with the one who provided a turning point in their careers. Weider was overjoyed to see all the muscular giants hoard together, flexing their bodies and flaunting their gains.

Celebrity bodybuilding photographer Kevin Horton was the man behind the lens, who took his time to direct everyone’s poses. Meanwhile, Weider spent time chatting with the athletes and snuck in a compliment towards Cutler, who was the champion at the time.



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“That Jay Cutler is something! He’s got will power!”

Looking back at the good times with nostalgia and emotions, Cormier went on to share multiple video clips and photos from the shoot. To say that the champions looked their best would be an understatement since they were in their prime, competing and still high on adrenaline after the 2009 Olympia.

“#SundaySpecial…Take a step back in time and come behind the scenes to the ultimate photo shoot – with a dozen of the world’s best bodybuilders and one man who started it all – Joe Weider. @flex_magazine | 2009 @mrolympiallc”

However, Cormier was not the only one to hold on to those memories. The comments were flooded by the veterans featured in the video, recalling how rare the moment was at the time.

The Bodybuilding World Cherishes Their Prime Captured in the Rare Footage

In today’s era of social media, when recording and uploading is a task done within minutes, photoshoots might be a passé. But in the early 2000s, bodybuilding magazines such as Flex Magazine would be in and around the Gold’s Gym, especially after the Mr. Olympia championship, to organize shoots with the hunks. Heath recalled the rarity of the occasion in a detailed comment under the video.

“…Everyone in this shoot wasn’t actually a Weider athlete which to be honest wasn’t “kosher” during those days…It was unreal not to mention @jaycutler winning his title back in 2009 and having one of the greatest @flex_magazine covers ever taken that same afternoon in Vegas. I miss Joe a ton…”

Cutler was also surprised by the capture.

“Amazing footage”

Peter Putnam, who featured in the video, threw in his two cents.

“It was a special moment to be apart of. I think most of us recognized the privilege and significance of this shoot. It was to be the last time Joe was featured with a group of Weider athletes. It was history being made.”

An ex-employee of the Gold’s Gym, who witnessed Cutler work out at the time, recalled the good old days.

“That’s the gold’s gym on Sandhill and Flamingo, I worked out here for 10 years after midnight when I finished work! Jay Cutler used to come around 2am. Best of times…”

In the end, a fan summed up what many felt about the current bodybuilding scenario.

“Bodybuilding isn’t the same without the Weiders”

Reflecting on the memories, it’s clear how these icons looked at those days with fondness and nostalgia. Sticking together and still communicating through various mediums, fans are fortunate to still receive their words of wisdom in the current times.

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