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Ryan Garcia Receives Collaboration Offer From Conor McGregor’s Favorite, OnlyFans Star, and Boxer Ebaine Bridges After Devin Haney Knockout

Allan Binoy

Ryan Garcia Receives Collaboration Offer From Conor McGregor’s Favorite, OnlyFans Star, and Boxer Ebaine Bridges After Devin Haney Knockout

Ryan Garcia has received a business proposal from a fellow boxer, but it is far from ideal for the champion. ‘KingRy’ added some value to his moniker by beating Devin Haney this weekend. Unfortunately, since he did not make weight, Garcia could not be crowned champion. Following his massive victory, a lot of brands and companies approached him for collaborations. However, he would never have expected it to come from Ebanie Bridges.

The Australian boxer is also an OnlyFans model, as well as a model for Conor McGregor’s Forged Irish Stout. The pair have created viral headlines together multiple times already.

Following Ryan Garcia’s win over Devin Haney, ‘The Blonde Bomber’ came out with an interesting collaboration idea for Garcia. She proposed,

“Hey @RyanGarcia Brilliant win… @Realdevinhaney couldn’t KO you… but let’s do a collab on OF, and KO @onlyfans too”

She offered Ryan Garcia an opportunity to create content together on OnlyFans while also taking a dig at Devin Haney for not being able to knock Garcia out.

While Garcia is yet to respond to the offer, after the fight, ‘KingRy’ went on social media and called out the referee. Garcia believes that the ref should have stopped the fight.

Ryan Garcia calls out the referee for not stopping the fight against Devin Haney

Ryan Garcia’s left hook decided the fate of the match. Throughout the bout, his punches kept landing as true as steel and kept dropping the champion.

Following the fight, Garcia went on a rant on social media talking about how he predicted his victory, but no one believed him. He also expressed his frustration at the referee, saying,

“Woke up sad thinking people should’ve got that Ko bet Ref that 7th round should’ve been stopped Point deduction wasn’t warranted, never received a warning Crazy man”

Despite the referee deducting a point from him, Ryan Garcia won the fight via a majority decision. However, he believes it should have been a KO victory and the referee should have called a stop to the fight.

Even though Devin Haney kept getting knocked down, he was still in his senses. Thus, it might have been a 50-50 decision. On the contrary, notable personalities like Stephen A Smith also lashed out at the referee for his questionable calls during the match.

Post Edited By:Debmallya Chakraborty

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