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“Something’s Wrong With You”: Ryan Garcia Faces Backlash for Recording Tearful Video Amidst his Mother’s Cancer Battle

Allan Binoy

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Ryan Garcia keeps getting on the bad side of the fans. This time, it was for the peculiar way in which he announced that his mother was battling cancer.

Following his positive drug test after a dominant performance against Devin Haney, Garcia has lost a considerable amount of credibility. He has since been picking up social media fights with anyone who’s mentioned his name, be it Conor McGregor or Sean O’Malley.

His latest X video was somehow even more bizarre than usual…

… and had a lot of fans wondering whether something was really wrong with him.

One fan called out Ryan Garcia for recording himself but hoped his mother would beat the deadly disease.

“I find it weird that he’s recording himself. I hope his mother survives cancer.”

This fan called Garcia out for making a mockery of the situation by putting it on social media instead of being by his mother’s side and helping her,

“Spend time with your mom and stop being a weird f*ck on twitter then”

Yet another fan dissed the boxer for his peculiar video, with an emotional song playing in the background,

“Get off the internet and go cope bro this ain’t a good look honestly..”

This person was extremely frustrated at Ryan Garcia’s antics and gave him a piece of their mind.

““My mom has cancer here grab my phone and record me crying ” f*cking joke I hate everything about this clown”

Someone rightfully pointed out how weird it was for Ryan Garcia to record himself crying to announce something as serious as cancer,

““My mom has cancer, let’s record me.” Something’s wrong with you.”

This guy just put in words that everybody else was thinking.

“Something is terribly wrong with this kid Who tf does this”

Meanwhile, amidst the news of such a great personal tragedy, Ryan Garcia has postponed his latest show and wants to spend time with his family.

Ryan Garcia postpones latest show to spend time with his mother and his family

With Garcia’s mother’s cancer diagnosis, it is important for her to be surrounded by her family in her battle with cancer. So, following his announcement of his mother’s condition, Garcia doubled down and canceled his next show.

“It’s with a heavy heart that I need to postpone tonight’s show in San Antonio.”

Fans who were looking forward to meeting Garcia at the San Antonio show on Saturday night will be disappointed but they will understand. No mother should have to go through something so terrible without their children by their side.

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Allan Binoy


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