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Crossplay in Watch Dogs Legion : Will Watch Dogs Legion have crossplay feature available?

Gautham Balaji

Crossplay in Watch Dogs Legion : Will Watch Dogs Legion have crossplay feature available?

Crossplay in Watch Dogs: Legion; Will Watch Dogs: Legion have crossplay feature available? Ubisoft plans to merge Ubisoft Club and Uplay into a single program. Ubisoft is introducing crossplay and cross-progression starting from game like AC Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion.

The newly developed hub by Ubisoft, Ubisoft connect, merges both Ubisoft Club & Uplay into a single app. Ubisoft connect, as per the developers is an “ecosystem of players services for all Ubisoft games across all platforms.” 

Ubisoft connect will go live along with launch of Watch Dogs: Legion. It will be launched on October 29th. Some of the other titles which will the transition are For Honor, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Hyper Scape, Steep and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

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Just like how it was previously, Ubisoft connect will be available for all Ubisoft users and is free. It will have a rewards program, similar to what’s is currently in Uplay. You can earn XPs and Levels by playing Ubisoft games.

Will Crossplay be available in Watch Dogs: Legion?

However, the most notable inclusion in the change is the introduction of cross-progression and crossplay feature.

This will allow players on PC and Consoles to play together along with their friends.  This also includes a feature where u can take over your saved game from another console. So, if you have saved your progress on your PS5, you can continue from that same stage even on your PC or Xbox.

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