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Dota 2 Omega League Immortal Division: Team Secret vs Team Liquid; Game results, score & recap

Gautham Balaji

Dota 2 Omega League Immortal Division: Team Secret vs Liquid; Game results, score & recap

Dota 2 Omega League Immortal Division: Team Secret vs Liquid; Game results, score & recap. Check out the result, score and details of the Liquid vs Secret in the Immortal Division of the Dota 2 Omega League series. 

The Omega League Immortal Division has begun! Team Secret played their first game of the Immortal Division against Team Liquid in a Best-of-3. Read more to see who won this series tonight and all the details of the game.

Team Secret defeated team Liquid 2-1 in the Bo3 series.

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Team Secret Players:

Matumbaman- Carry

Nisha- Midlane

Zai- Offlaner

Puppey- Support

YapzOr- Support

Game Result: Team Secret vs Team Liquid

Team Secret won their first game in the Omega League Immortal Division tonight. They defeat team Liquid in a nerve-wracking all-in Game 3. They won their first series 2-1, but it was no easy feat.

In the first game, Secret was not in a great position. Although Matumbaman on the Anti-Mage had done a decent amount of split pushing, the fact that he did not involve himself in team-fights until the last minute cost team Secret the first game. MiCkey on the Sven dominated with 23 kills. (Secret 17-36 Liquid)

The second, however, it was Secret who dominated, led by Nisha on the Shadow Fiend. With good team play and fast movement, Secret surged to dominate what looked like a pretty even game. They lost only 2 towers in the entire game before annihilating Liquid’s base. (Secret 34-17 Liquid)

In the third game, it was Matumbaman’s turn to shine on his favourite Anti-Mage. Despite a good start by Liquid, they were defeated by Matumbaman’s unstoppable farming patterns. They ended the game with a 10K gold lead. Liquid’s resistance crumbled in the face of a Godlike Anti-Mage holding the Aegis of the Immortal. (Secret 20-22 Liquid.

Team Secret vs Team Liquid Highlights

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