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Valorant Champions Earnings: How much money did each team depart with at the end of Valorant Champions 2021

Tanmaiy Reddy

Valorant Champions Earnings: How much money did each team depart with at the end of Valorant Champions 2021

Let’s take a look at the Valorant Champions Earnings for teams who made it to the big stage by the end of 2021.

Valorant’s competitive team has been quite generous since the being of official Valorant tournaments. With even their regional tournaments having a price pool of more than $ 100,00.

Now diving into the topic in hand, Valroant Champions 2021 was the biggest most glamorous Valorant event of the year. With the best teams from across the world coming to berlin to fight for the title of “Valorant Champions 2021“. And as it happens in every game, the EU region came out on top with Acend holding the crown.

But here is how much each team made just by attending the event.

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Valorant Champions Bundle Earnings

Around November 24th Valorant released the Valorant Champions Skin bundle, a limited-time legendary skin collection consisting of Melee, Vandal, and player cards. And the catch was that of out the total revenue with the skins earn, 50% of it was to be equally divided among the participating teams at champions.

And a week after the collection’s release, Valorant revealed that the collection has already made $ 15 million, from which 7.5 was to be equally divided among the teams.

And now we got to know that the Collection made a total of $ 18.7 million, in which 50%(which is approx $9.35 million) was divided equally among the teams. So teams roughly got 585k dollars each however the organization decides how much each player gets.

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Valorant Champions Earnings breakdown for each team

Here is a breakdown of the total earning for each team for Valorant Champions 2021.

Team PrizeValorant Bundle BonusTotal Earning
Gambit Esports$150,000$585,000$735,000
KRU Esports$90,000$585,000$675,000
Team Liquid$40,000$585,000$625,000
X10 Crit$40,000$585,000$625,000
Cloud 9 Blue$40,000$585,000$625,000
Team Secret$40,000$585,000$625,000
Team Vikings$20,000$585,000$605,000
Vision Strikers$20,000$585,000$605,000
Keyd Stars$20,000$585,000$605,000
Full Sense$20,000$585,000$605,000
Crazy Raccoon$20,000$585,000$605,000

Note: These earnings are first sent to the organization and they decide based on the player’s contracts, how much they will recieve.

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