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Dota 2 Patch 7.28 Notes : New Hero “Hoodwink” & Aghanim’s Shards released as part of Mistwood update

Gautham Balaji

Dota 2 Patch 7.28 Notes : New Hero "Hoodwink" & Aghanim's Shards released as part of Mistwood update

Dota 2 Patch 7.28: New Hero “Hoodwink” released as part of Mistwood update. The long awaited Mistwood patch is now live, and it is relatively large. The new hero, dubbed Hoodwink, is also part of it. Find out all the important details about the Mistwood 7.28 patch update.

Despite the long wait for the Mistwood update, patch 7.28 includes a whole slew of changes for heroes, skills and some of the neutral items, which have also been changed. However, the most highly anticipated part of this Mistwood update is the new hero, and her name is Hoodwink.

She is a ranged, disabler who specializes in stunning and nuking enemies. We have a small part of her introduction for you to check out.

“Always at hand when trouble’s afoot, Hoodwink lives to tangle with the threats that fill the haunted forest she has adopted as her home. Toting a massive crossbow while still able to scurry through the woodland with the greatest of ease, Hoodwink is nearly impossible to keep tabs on in battle.”

She is extremely versatile and packs quite a punch. Her skills are extremely useful to set up kills and deal critical damage. She is also a nuker, which means squishy players will melt to her Ultimate attack, Sharpshooter.

Aghanim’s Shards in Patch 7.28

The Aghanim’s Shard is a new upgrade being introduced in Dota 2 along with the Mistwood update. Aghanim’s Shard will cost you 1,400 gold, but you can purchase it only after 20 minutes. When you purchase it, you will gain a new ability permanently or one of your existing abilities will get an upgrade.

Similar to the Aghanim’s blessing, the item is consumed as soon as you purchase it, and your upgraded or new skill will become active.

Apart from these two features, patch 7.28 also brings a host of changes to heroes and their skills. You can check out the entire patch notes for the Mistwood update below.

Dota 2 Patch 7.28 Notes Summary

  1. Aghanim’s Shard unique ability upgrade for each hero, which can be purchased after the 20-minute mark
  2. 12 new items have been added to the list of items which are available for every hero
  3. A total of 14 new neutral items have been added to the list
  4. The game will begin with night time and will turn to day once the 1st set of neutral creeps spawn
  5. 14 old neutral items across all the 5 tiers have been cycled out, while the remaining ones have been balanced.

For a complete list of all the changes in the Mistwood update, you can check out the Patch 7.28 notes here.

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