Draymond Green Once Got Furious at Nicki Minaj for Constantly Mentioning LeBron James in Her Lyrics

Nithin Joseph
|Published 14/10/2022

At one point Nicki Minaj could not stop mentioning LeBron James in her lyrics. So much so that Draymond Green was getting annoyed.

Nowadays it isn’t too uncommon for NBA players to find their names being mentioned in major songs. The likes of Mo Bamba and Tyler Herro are just two of many.

In fact, those two are not as big as some of the other greats to be name-dropped. Take LeBron James for example.

The King has had his name sung out by a number of renowned singers. However, one singer, in particular, mentioned LeBron so much, that it annoyed his fierce rival and friend Draymond Green.

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Nicki Minaj name-dropped LeBron James in five different songs and Draymond Green didn’t like it

Nicki Minaj shot to fame in the rap world with songs like Anaconda, Starships, and Super Bass. However, there were times when her singing got a bit too predictable.

To the point where it started to annoy Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green. Specifically the fact that she kept mentioning LeBron James in her songs.

In fact, King James has been mentioned a total of five times by Nicki the Ninja. In particular, the songs – Blazin, Don’t Hurt Me, Do You Mind, Swalla, and No Frauds.

It was a bit excessive, but Draymond’s beef with Minaj over this seemed excessive in itself. Luckily for him, there hasn’t been much mention of James in any Nicki Minaj songs in a while.

LeBron James is looking to establish himself as the greatest by surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

The 2022-2023 season is going to be a big one for LeBron James for a variety of reasons. It will be his 20th year in the league, he will be aiming for his fifth championship, and he will finally surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the all-time leading scorer in the NBA.

There is a lot of fanfare surrounding this, with many believing this is what could finally cement LeBron as the GOAT. That being said, only time will tell what happens.

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