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El Clasico : Top 5 moments

Aniket Kibey

Its that time of the year when whole world is divided in two teams. Either you’re a Madrista or you are an catalan. Today both the teams meet again and it seems the fixture is of prime importance as Barcelona are already 6 points behind Madrid. If Barca lose this one, they would be 9 points behind Real and probably their chance of winning the title will probably become a distant dream.

As this is a classic fixture and one sought after throughout the year, there have been some iconic moments from this fixture. We have tried and listed El Clasico: Top 5 moments.

5.) Derby Of Shame – The Luis Figo Derby

Although there were no goals to relish in this game, but it is one of the most talked about derby in the history of this game. Figo, a legend himself at Camp Nou, had taken a transfer to Real Madrid. Now the transfers between these two teams hardly happen and the Barca fans didn’t like it.

Luis Figo
El Clasico : Top 5 moments : Figo being Insulted


Particularly on this occasion, whenever Figo went to take the corners, there were numerous objects being thrown at him including a head of sucking pig and whiskey bottles that too from the terraces of the stadium.

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There was protest from Roberto Carlos and the match was stalled for 10 minutes, but the excitement in stands didn’t transfer on the pitch and match was a stalemate.

4. Brilliance of Ronaldinho

While Luis Figo had been battered by the Barca fans, Ronaldinho at the other hand enamored Real fans with his flair and skills at Bernabau.

El Clasico : Top 5 moments : Brilliance of Ronaldinho

The week earlier he had been awarded as the European footballer of the year. He came into the match and humbled the opposition with scoring a brace in the second half.

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The brilliance of Ronaldinho started the power shift in Spanish football and they haven’t looked back ever since.

3.) The one for Champions league glory

Real Madrid met Barcelona in the semifinal of Champions league 2002 with all to play for at Bernabau as Real Madrid had won the leg at Camp Nou 2-0 and silenced the home crowd.

El Clasico : Top 5 moments : Champions League Night

Zidane and Steve McManaman scored goals in the second half to give a strong lead to Madrid in the first leg. Back at the Bernabau, Raul scored a spectacular goal to make the tie out of Barca’s reach.

Goals from Raul and, memorably, from Zidane helped beat Bayer LeverKuesen to lift the trophy.

2.) The Magic of Messi

Everyone knew we had a superstar on our hands, but nobody knew what he will do in his first ever El Clasico.

Young Messi
El Clasico : Top 5 moments – The Magic of Messi

It was the 2006/07 season and the place was Camp Nou. Messi was playing alongside Eto’o and Ronaldinho, probably the best front three in world at the moment.

It was surely his breakthrough game as he scored hat-trick, the first in last dozen years in the fixture and Barca fans a new hero on their hands.

1.) Barca sign their Legend

It was 1973/74 season and the news of Barcelona signing Johan Cryuff was doing the rounds. Barca although interested in signing him, were stalling over the process. Real Madrid at the same time, decided that they too want their hands on the star at the same time.

Johan Cryuff
El Clasico : Top 5 moments : Johan Cryuff Signs for Barca

Barcelona after getting the news, quickly wrapped up the process and when Cryuff arrived at Camp Nou, he made a statement that he would have never any association with a team with whom General Franco was involved, especially after the signing of Alfredo Di Stefano.

Johan played his first El Clasico and was influential in the game, setting up three and scoring one as they defeated Madrid 5-0, and went on to win La Liga first time after 1960 and began his journey of being the Barcelona legend.

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