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IShowSpeed Is Now a Fan of This Legendary Footballer, and It’s Not Ronaldo Anymore

Swetabh Shekhar


Darren Watkins Jr., popularly known as IShowSpeed among fans, has established himself well in the streaming community. Millions across the globe love the YouTuber’s dynamic personality and videos. Just last month, the 18-year-old met his favorite footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, but now he’s loyal to another football legend.

Darren is, or n0w we must say used to be, one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s mega fans worldwide. With a Portuguese player’s tattoo on his face, IShowSpeed’s admiration for Ronaldo had no limits. The YouTuber has traveled globally for many years, only to meet his idol until June 2022.

The YouTube star finally fulfilled his dream when he met Ronaldo in person along with his entire family. Not only did the footballer greet Derren, but he also hugged him. However, it’s unfortunate that IShowSpeed is no longer a Ronaldo fan, as now he’s a Messi fan, and here’s the entire story behind it.

IShowSpeed is now a Messi fan, thus cutting his alliance with Ronaldo

It all started with the recently held Inter Miami and Cruz Azul match for the League Cup. With a field pass at a premium spot in the DRV PNK Stadium, the YouTuber experienced the match in person.

Credits: IShowSpeed & Messi

It was Messi’s debut for Inter Miami that further hyped the game. Initially, the game appeared to conclude in a draw with 1-1 scores. However, in the 94th minute, the Argentine scored a goal from the free kick. Therefore, Inter Miami was crowned the winner, and this free kick embarked Darren on fandom for Messi.

Before Messi took the free kick, IShowSpeed claimed on his stream, “If Messi scores this free kick, I’m a Messi fan.” And that’s precisely what the world witnessed. Without giving the goalkeeper any chance, Messi shot the ball at the top left of the goal, shocking Darren. The YouTube star stood stunned for a few seconds, only to remove his Christiano t-shirt, which revealed a Messi t-shirt he wore underneath.

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