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F1 Fan Gets Slammed For Forging Michael Masi’s Statement of Accepting Blame For Abu Dhabi GP 2021

Vidit Dhawan

F1 Fan Gets Slammed For Forging Michael Masi's Statement of Accepting Blame For Abu Dhabi GP 2021

An F1 fan has been slammed for demeaning Michael Masi for his involvement in the controversial 2021 Abu Dhabi GP. The F1 fan has attempted to publicly humiliate him by forging a foreword written by Michael Masi in the upcoming biography of Max Verstappen, ‘Unstoppable.’

As per the fan, the foreword is written by Masi himself. In this forged foreword, the former F1 race director himself explains how he deliberately manipulated the rules to favor the Dutchman. Masi even further claims that he retained Lewis Hamilton from winning a potential record eighth world championship title.

While this foreword has the ability to deceive the readers because of how well it has been written, some fans have pointed out a few errors to prove that this is fake. The fans explained how an accomplished author would not have made such mistakes if this book was real.

F1 fan gets slammed for wrongly demeaning Michael Masi

F1 fan leaves no stone unturned in slamming Masi

When it comes to demeaning Masi, this F1 fan left no stone unturned by completing forging Max Verstappen’s upcoming book, Unstoppable. As per the fan’s foreword, Masi explains how ‘ashamed’ he was of his role in the events that led to Verstappen’s title win.

The fan’s foreword states, “As the race director for that fateful championship in 2021, I made the rules to manipulate the rules in Max’s favor and rob the F1 title defender, Lewis Hamilton, of a record-breaking eighth world championship”.

And it is not just Masi who the fan attempts to demean but also Verstappen. The fan’s foreword adds about how Masi ‘gifted’ Verstappen his maiden championship rather than the Dutchman having the ability to win it by himself.

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