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A Bad Day at Work and Max Verstappen’s Teary Video Goes Viral as Red Bull Fans Miss Their Rocky

Naman Gopal Srivastava

A Bad Day at Work and Max Verstappen’s Teary Video Goes Viral as Red Bull Fans Miss Their Rocky

With six races from the 2024 season over, it is clear that Max Verstappen in an RB20 isn’t as dominant as he was in the RB19. The Dutchman has struggled more and more with each passing race and was all over the circuit in Imola on Friday. Concerned, Verstappen’s camp is now looking back fondly at the RB-19, also known as ‘Rocky’. 

Verstappen already suffered a technical failure this season, and balance issues have affected his pace on several occasions. Last season, he won 19 out of 22 races, but in just six rounds so far in 2024, he has lost two already. After FP2 in Imola, the Dutchman said,

“Balance in the car wasn’t there, I didn’t feel comfortable. It was actually really bad, the long run too. Whether I think it will be better tomorrow? Worse than today is hardly possible.”

Verstappen was struggling to keep the RB20 on the track, which is an unfamiliar sight for the 26-year-old and his fans. Expected to dominate the season, Red Bull is now showing signs of cracking down, and fans of the Milton-Keynes-based outfit cannot help but reminisce about the RB-19’s days.

They recalled a famous interview from 2023 where the Dutchman spoke about bidding farewell to the RB19. Naming the car ‘Rocky,’  Verstappen detailed how it was his most dominant car and how he would miss it a lot. 

The interview even saw Verstappen choke up a bit when talking about it. Driving the car for the last time on the following day, the now 26-year-old was overcome with emotion since it was instrumental in helping him break several records and become a three-time World Champion.

Fans recall a teary-eyed video of Max Verstappen

With Max Verstappen not having the best of time with the RB20, his fans took to X remember the good times.

One even referred to the RB20 as a “sh*tbox” which might be stretch, considering Verstappen has still won four out of six races so far this campaign.

Verstappen still leads the World Championship, and isn’t in immediate threat of losing out on his crown. However, the Dutch driver knows that if the RB20 keeps underperforming, he will lose out on his dominant tag; especially with teams like Ferrari and McLaren making huge strides thanks to their upgrades.

Post Edited By:Somin Bhattacharjee

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