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Adrian Newey Makes Cryptic Response to Lewis Hamilton’s Earnest Wish to Work With Him

Vidit Dhawan

Adrian Newey Makes Cryptic Response to Lewis Hamilton’s Earnest Wish to Work With Him

Adrian Newey has been all over the news ever since Red Bull confirmed that he’ll depart the team in 2025. The primary question that is on the mind of most is what is next for him. Newey himself was asked this question recently, but he preferred to remain tight-lipped.

Martin Brundle recently informed Newey about how Lewis Hamilton has expressed his desire to see the legendary aerodynamicist move to Maranello next year. Brundle then asked Newey if he feels he’ll “look good in red,” to which the 65-year-old Briton replied with a smile,

Honestly, it is very kind of Lewis to say that. Very flattered. But at the moment, it is just taking a little bit of a break and seeing what happens“.

However, Hamilton was not the only driver who was asked if he would like to work with Newey. The seven-time champion’s future teammate, Charles Leclerc, was also posed the same question.

In reply, the Monegasque said, “Newey is one of the people I would like to work with one day. And he is one of the engineers who can make a difference. Ferrari is a sought-after address at the moment. We are able to win anyone over“. With Ferrari set to have arguably the strongest driver line-up in 2025, Newey could indeed be tempted to join them.

Adrian Newey most likely to join Ferrari after leaving Red Bull

Considering that everyone involved with Ferrari has been asked about the possibility of working with Adrian Newey, it is no secret that the Briton is strongly linked with them. Newey will leave Red Bull after the first quarter of 2025 and then he’s free to join any other side.

He’ll have no obligation to serve a gardening leave after his lawyers successfully negotiated with Red Bull regarding the same. With Newey having made significant efforts to ensure that he does not have to serve any gardening leave, he most likely has no intention of spending a year on the sidelines.

And when it comes to him joining Ferrari, this move is likely to materialize for two key reasons. The most important reason is that Newey himself has admitted that he regrets not having worked with the Italian outfit during his illustrious career.

Secondly, he had also admitted previously that he was keen to work alongside Lewis Hamilton before he retired. Hence, with Hamilton moving to Ferrari in 2025, Newey could fulfill two of his regrets.

Irrespective of what Newey decides next, the only thing that is certain at this point is that speculation will continue about his future because of the interest he is likely to gather from other teams. Most of the drivers and teams have already admitted that having Newey on their side would always be a welcome addition.

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