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Adrian Newey Shares His Plans For the Future And It’s Not Looking Good For Red Bull

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Adrian Newey Shares His Plans For the Future And It's Not Looking Good For Red Bull

Adrian Newey’s future in F1 remains up in the air ever since he announced his Red Bull exit. Newey suggests that he needs a break from the sport for now, but his plans for the future would not be music to the ears of his soon-to-be former employers.

In an interview with Eddie Jordan for the YouTube channel ‘Oyster Yachts’, Adrian Newey discussed his plans for the coming months. Taking inspiration from the likes of Bernie Ecclestone, Roger Penske, and Forrest Gump (the movie), the 65-year-old is in favor of resting before making a big comeback.

“As Forrest Gump said at the end of his long run, I feel a little bit tired at the moment, but at some point, I’ll probably go again.”

Ecclestone and Roger Penske were used as examples because of their work in motorsports at an old age. The former remained F1’s supremo until 2017 when he was 86 years old, whereas Penske continues to lead the Penske corporation at 87.

Hence, Newey insists that retirement is still far away, and a break is all he needs.

Newey’s comments won’t please Red Bull, because it is a sign that he will return as their competitor. With Ferrari the favorite the sign him, he could end up being the main brains behind designing a car that would ultimately derail Red Bull’s dominance.

However, his move to the Italian team has not been confirmed as of yet. They have been relentless in their pursuit, but to no avail so far. This is why even Lewis Hamilton (future Ferrari driver) has joined in.

Lewis Hamilton joins in Ferrari’s pursuit of Adrian Newey

The prospect of Hamilton and Newey working together at Ferrari is exciting on paper. And it could yield wonders for the Maranello-based outfit on the track. Addressing the same possibility, Hamilton claimed that Newey would be an invaluable addition to the Ferrari roster.

Working with Newey will be a privilege for the seven-time World Champion. But, he remained mum on whether discussions between the British aerodynamicist and Ferrari have begun.

Hamilton, however, is looking forward to working with Adrian Newey. And he revealed that the latter has always been on his list of people he wanted to work with.

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