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Alex Albon Has Pitched an Interesting Business Idea After Scoring 0 Points at the Saudi Arabian GP

Aditya Srivastava

Alex Albon Has Pitched an Interesting Business Idea After Scoring 0 Points at the Saudi Arabian GP

At the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, both of the Williams drivers had mixed results. Even though neither driver received any points, their race in Jeddah was the first in which both Williams Racing cars crossed the finish line. Additionally, when Alex Albon crossed the chequered flag at P11, the team earned their best finish on the circuit. Nevertheless, despite finishing with zero points, the Thai driver doesn’t appear disheartened. In fact, he offered a new business proposal to open in Jeddah on Twitter (now X)

Albon posted, “New business idea: cheese store in Jeddah called Cheddar in Jeddah.” For the unawares Cheddar is a cheese that is known for its portability and long shelf life.

Based on the tweet, Albon tried to come up with an innovative way to rhyme cheddar cheese with Jeddah and call it cheddar in Jeddah, The Thai driver has always been the one driver to constantly come up with such ideas. Earlier, he was also seen drafting a future DTS episode and his draft included the montage of new cars, new helmets, etc.

Notably, fans have responded enthusiastically to this business idea of Albon’s. Among many, one with the Twitter handle @sincarazzz wrote, “He isnt just a racer he’s an entrepreneur you don’t get it.”

What did Alex Albon say about his race in Jeddah?

Despite Alex Albon’s persistent efforts and several overtakes, Kevin Magnussen’s contact with his car impacted his race negatively. Earlier at turn four, Magnussen did not give the #23 driver any room, forcing a collision between the two. As a result, the stewards gave the Danish driver a 10-second penalty.

Moreover, because of this contact, Albon had to run a damaged FW46 for a significant portion of the race, which prevented him from scoring any points. While talking about this, after the race Albon said (as quoted by, “It’s frustrating to not be fighting for points today, finishing just outside in P11. “

Even though he finished just outside the points because of the collision, Albon didn’t fail to commend Haas’ strategy. The 27-year-old said that Haas did a fantastic job holding the group together with the help of Magnussen. What Albon meant was that after overtaking Tsunoda, Haas used Magnussen’s track position to hold up many vehicles. This allowed Nico Hulkenberg to make a pit stop and reappear at P10, earning the team’s first point of the season.

Subsequently, Albon’s teammate Logan Sargeant, who finished P14, also shared his thoughts on Saturday’s race. The American claimed that although the race’s pace was decent for the first 35 laps, the FW46 lacked the speed needed for the final fifteen laps. At last, both drivers expressed the same belief that their squad can unleash more potential in Australia.

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