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All the Yummy Details Behind Charles Leclerc’s Ice-Cream: Price, Flavors and More

Mahim Suhalka

All the Yummy Details Behind Charles Leclerc's Ice-Cream: Price, Flavors and More

F1 driver, music producer and composer, and now ice-cream maker. That’s right, Charles Leclerc can now add “Ice cream” to his CV as he has just launched his frozen dessert brand. This marks Leclerc’s first entrepreneurial venture and there is already quite a lot of excitement in the market. Named Lec, the ice cream is already on shelves across Italy in various supermarkets so here are the details of what the Monegasque is serving.

The brand created plenty of buzz with Charles Leclerc’s name attached to it, being enough to garner attention. The project was kept under tight wraps similar to the news surrounding his future teammate. However, the secret is out now and the fans cannot wait to try out the ‘Lec’ ice cream.


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As seen on X, a few fans got their hands on the ice cream tubs and were pleasantly surprised by the taste. The supermarkets across Italy already started stocking the ice creams before the initial release anticipating a huge demand. For now, the stores are hoarding all five flavors namely: peanut caramel tango, swirly pistachi-oh!, chocolate crunch, vanillove, salty carammmel. Now it remains to be seen which among the five flavors becomes the best seller.

Retailing at 4.99 euros [$5.36], the ice cream is affordable. Another positive aspect of the ice cream tub is it only amounts to 370 kcal per tub. The low-calorie count for a tub of ice cream hints towards Leclerc’s desire to prioritize health, even while indulging.

This is in line with Leclerc’s statement teasing the project. As quoted by Formula Passion, the statement read, “A very special project for me: a new, great adventure undertaken outside the race circuit. As a professional athlete, it is essential for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle where my performance is strongly linked to commitment, training, and physical fitness. This, however, doesn’t stop me from indulging in some little forbidden pleasure, especially that of a food I adore. Maybe you’ve already figured out which one.”

Fans can’t keep calm as Lec by Charles Leclerc hits the shelves

It’s incredible to see the reach of the brand without the Monegasque even mentioning it on his official account. So much so, that there are some willing to drive to Italy to pick up a tub or five. Like this fan, many have made their emotions known on X about Leclerc’s ice cream venture.

The promotional campaign has reached the masses as well as the photo of the supermarket fridge with Lec on display.

Fans also appreciated Leclerc making his ice cream affordable and easily accessible without any marketing gimmick like exclusivity.

However, it still won’t reach everyone outside Italy as fans across the globe wait in anticipation.

As most of the world waits to get a taste of Lec, we will witness the hype swarm through social media. Let’s hope Monegasque’s brand can distinguish itself and become a global brand. Or else, the fans will have another reason to travel to Italy.

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