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“Annoying When Everyone Calls Me Lewis Hamilton’s Brother”: Nicolas Hamilton on Carving His Own Identity

Vidit Dhawan

“Annoying When Everyone Calls Me Lewis Hamilton’s Brother”: Nicolas Hamilton on Carving His Own Identity

Because of Lewis Hamilton’s incredible popularity, there is a huge amount of interest in not only him but also his family. While the Briton’s achievements make his family members more popular, it does not help when some of them are keen on carving their own identity. Lewis’ brother, Nicolas Hamilton, recently revealed how it gets “annoying” for him when fans sometimes refer to him as “Lewis Hamilton’s brother” instead of just by his name.

When asked about the same in a recent interview with Sky News, Nicolas said, “It’s not annoying. I’m Lewis’ number-one fan for sure. It can be annoying when everyone calls me Lewis Hamilton’s brother. I’m definitely my own person. I have my own identity, I have my own story, and I’m not trying to compete against Lewis“.

Nicolas has made a huge name for himself in motorsports despite having cerebral palsy. Being the first-ever disabled athlete to compete in the British Touring Car Championship, he hopes to inspire others to do the same. Hence, he wants people to remember him for himself, and not his brother’s achievements in the world of F1.

During the same interview, Nicolas explained how his car is specially modified because of his disability. He stated that he has a modification in his car as he has a hand clutch on the steering wheel. This allows him to have two pedals (accelerator and brake) instead of three.

Nicolas Hamilton against all the odds

After admitting that it was difficult for him to adjust to an “able-bodied world” as a disabled person, Nicolas Hamilton revealed the steps he took to overcome his condition of cerebral palsy. He revealed that by the age of 15, he managed to overcome his condition by teaching himself how to walk.

Once he began doing so, the next step for him was to try his hand at motorsports. Since he is well aware that his life has been full of struggles, he has now written a book to tell others, that they too can overcome anything that comes their way if they put in the effort. The name of this book is ‘Now That I Have Your Attention’.

I talk about all sorts of things in there. I want to use my voice to inspire others; I believe everybody has a powerful voice and obviously, I have a platform that I want to use,” he explained.

Nicolas concluded by explaining how his brother Lewis Hamilton has been extremely supportive of him. He finished sixth in a race last season, which was his best-ever finish to date and Lewis took out time from his busy schedule to be there for the same.

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