“Arrived on $2,000 SYM Fiddle scooters”- AlphaTauri drivers and Lando Norris arrived in most unglamorous way for most glamorous race in Monaco

Tanish Chachra
|Published June 04, 2022

AlphaTauri stars and Lando Norris came to circuits on probably the cheapest mode of travel in Monaco for the Grand Prix.

Monaco is undoubtedly the most glamorous race weekend of the whole year. Sports and TV celebs, businessmen, models, the list is not short but it’s a land of influential people during the Grand Prix.

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The drivers on that day are no less than Gladiators, and surely they are expected to show off a bit. However, most of them refrain to do it in Monaco and prefer to arrive in the most convenient mode of travel.

However, AlphaTauri stars Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda, and McLaren driver, Lando Norris took it a notch further. The three drivers arrived at the track on $2,000 worth of scooters.

According to F1 photojournalist Kym Illman, he caught Gasly and Tsunoda coming together on SYM Fiddle scooters. On the other hand, he spotted Norris leaving the track on a similar scooter with his girlfriend on the pillion seat.

Though, these three were not the only drivers to arrive in Monaco on scooters. Spanish drivers Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz were spotted with their Piaggio three-wheel scooters.

On the other hand, Charles Leclerc was spotted arriving for his home Grand Prix on an electric bike. Meanwhile, his former teammate Sebastian Vettel also came on a bike.

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Monaco Grand Prix gave an exciting event finally

Several fans have over the years complained about the boring spectacle at Monaco GP. The track is now too narrow for the present generation cars. Thus, it is hard for the drivers to overtake.

Therefore, fans have often complained about it not being anymore suitable for the current F1 races. However, in the last race, the four drivers from Red Bull and Ferrari had a nail-biting contest for the podium places.

Though, no-overtaking happened then too. They were the tensest minutes of the race. Moving on, Formula 1 could see itself out of Monaco soon. The calendar’s expansion to other regions might see a cut down in European races.

Monaco is an easy exclusion due to its rolling contract and a significant section of fans not liking it. Even Paul Ricard and Spa have been reported as locations which could face an axe.

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