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Carlos Sainz’s Delay Has Done “Irreparable Damage” to His Best Match

Pranay Bhagi

Carlos Sainz’s Delay Has Done “Irreparable Damage” to His Best Match

The F1 community is still waiting on Carlos Sainz to make his F1 future decision. The Spaniard’s Ferrari exit was announced five months ago, yet Sainz still hasn’t made up his mind on which team to join. With Sainz showing interest in Alpine, that recently joined the race to sign him, it has probably hurt his chances of signing with Williams

“Sainz may have messed things up with his indecision. Williams wanted a commitment and not getting that may have done irreparable damage”, said Joe Saward in his blog – Green Notebook. He added how Williams “has been talking to Carlos since he was dropped by Ferrari and has waited while he hoped to get into either Mercedes or Red Bull.”

Sainz had to make a decision between Audi and Williams once Mercedes and Red Bull did not show any active interest. However, his indecisiveness allowed Alpine to sneak in and join the race. Rather than concentrating on the long-standing offer from Williams, Sainz is reportedly focusing on the Alpine plan. 

Williams is clearly the better prospect when compared to Alpine. James Vowles just announced the addition of 26 engineers from top teams. At the same time, many have left and are still leaving Alpine. Williams is a team that is being built while the French outfit is one that’s falling apart.

James Vowles was clear that Sainz is his #1 priority. But seeing the Spaniard delaying his decision might change Vowles’ mind. Valtteri Bottas, who proved his worth at Mercedes, is still an option and could be Vowles’ choice if Sainz refuses to join.

Many drivers are waiting for Sainz to decide so that they can get started with their future decisions. With Mercedes rejoining the race to sign Sainz, a decision from the 29-year-old isn’t expected anytime soon. Nonetheless, there are multiple reasons why Sainz should prioritize Williams over Alpine.

Williams is on the rise; Alpine is falling through the cracks despite Flavio Briatore’s arrival

Williams invested massively in the infrastructure ever since Dorilton Capital took over. James Vowles came in as the team principal followed by Pat Fry as the CTO. Having announced the signing of Matt Harman and others, Williams is on the rise as seen in recent years.

On the other hand, Alpine, who were P4 in the constructors’ standings, are now in the bottom three. The 2024 challenger, the A524 has been overweight and the Renault engine produces the least power on the grid. Although Alpine has signed Flavio Briatore, he is no engineering Messiah.

What Alpine needs is a quality engineer. In contrast, people are leaving the team. Harman, who has now joined Williams, left Alpine earlier this year. Mattia Binotto was rumored to be signing with the team last year but the move did not materialize.

Nonetheless, some rumors also suggest that Alpine may become a customer team, dropping the Renault engine, and has approached Mercedes for a deal. The deal is not yet confirmed and is looking unlikely to materialize. Williams, on the other hand, already has Mercedes as its engine supplier. 

As Eddie Jordan mentioned, Sainz wants to have a release clause in his contract so that he’s not stuck with an underperforming team. Alpine is believed to be the only team offering that option.

Post Edited By:Aishwary Gaonkar

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