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Charles Leclerc Given Good Reason To Worry About Lewis Hamilton Moving to Ferrari

Mahim Suhalka

Charles Leclerc Given Good Reason To Worry About Lewis Hamilton Moving to Ferrari

Ever since Ferrari made the announcement that Lewis Hamilton will move to Maranello in 2025, there has been a huge amount of speculation surrounding the future of Charles Leclerc as well. There are fears that Hamilton’s arrival may mean that the Monegasque is no longer Ferrari’s number one driver. As a result, 1997 F1 world champion Jacques Villeneuve also believes that 2025 could be a year that may “make or break” Leclerc.

As quoted by, Villeneuve said, “He (Leclerc) still has to prove it. He’s shown a lot of speed, he’s shown that he’s super fast, but he’s not the one who won the race for Ferrari last year. So, it will be interesting to see how that balances out inside Ferrari. This will be make or break for Charles, not for Lewis“.

With seven world championships to his name, Hamilton has already established himself in F1. However, for Leclerc, he has been hoping to fight for a title for several years now. Since the Monegasque will turn 28 next year, he will be all the more desperate to win the championship as soon as possible.

In such a situation, having a teammate as experienced and successful as Hamilton will most likely do Leclerc no favors. However, Leclerc may take confidence from the fact that he does have a decent record against his teammates at Ferrari.

The Monegasque not only beat Carlos Sainz in two of their three seasons together but has also edged four-time champion Sebastian Vettel in the past. However, Hamilton, who is eager to win a record eighth title, could bring an entirely different challenge for Leclerc.

Fred Vasseur believes Lewis Hamilton’s arrival will benefit Charles Leclerc

In a recent interview with Radio France, Fred Vasseur began by praising Lewis Hamilton for his star-studded qualities. The Frenchman explained how the Briton is not only quick but also has years of championship-winning experience.

As a result of the same, Vasseur believes that Hamilton’s arrival will not only benefit Ferrari but also Leclerc. Vassuer believes that Hamilton will push Leclerc into becoming a better driver.

However, most importantly, Vassuer believes that Hamilton will help Ferrari become more consistent. “It’s not just the performance in the car, in qualifying or in the race. It’s also 365 days a year and on this, I think Lewis is an absolute master,” explained Vasseur.

Ferrari have indeed been extremely inconsistent in the past. It is not only the lack of pace that has cost them previously but also errors from both the drivers and the strategy team. Now, with Hamilton set to arrive in 2025, Ferrari will hope to address these concerns.

Post Edited By:Vidit Dhawan

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Mahim Suhalka

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