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Charles Leclerc Needs Lewis Hamilton – Frederic Vasseur Explains Why

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Charles Leclerc Needs Lewis Hamilton - Frederic Vasseur Explains Why

With Lewis Hamilton moving to Ferrari in 2025, the anticipation around his partnership with Charles Leclerc is through the roof. While many claim the move will be hugely beneficial for Hamilton, Fred Vasseur believes Leclerc also stands to benefit a lot. Per an update on X by @LH44_insights, the Frenchman believes Hamilton’s organizational skills and experience will boost the race preparation for Leclerc and Ferrari. 

“It will be extremely beneficial [for Charles Leclerc] to have Lewis [Hamilton] next to him who is a monster in terms of organization and approach to the race. He will raise our level of requirements and preparation”, the Ferrari boss said.

Vasseur knows Hamilton from long before the latter started racing in F1. The Frenchman managed Hamilton during his championship-winning runs in F3 and F2.

He was also Leclerc’s boss when the Monegasque driver raced for Sauber in 2018. Having worked closely with both the drivers the 55-year-old knows them well enough to understand what will benefit whom. 

Furthermore, Hamilton has a leader-like quality in him that allows him to motivate those around him. Moving to a team that wants to relive its glory days, the Briton will certainly use his motivational aura to further boost the morale of the Ferrari employees.

Hence, one can presume that Leclerc will also benefit from the seven-time champion fostering a culture that chases excellence. However, there is no guarantee that the Hamilton-Ferrari partnership will become a sure-shot success.

Ferrari guarantee just one thing to Lewis Hamilton

Frederic Vasseur recently met up with a few of L’Equipe’s subscribers, where the topic of the Lewis Hamilton contract talks also came up. Shedding more light on the subject, Vasseur detailed how there was no way to guarantee the performance level of any team.

There was no way for the Frenchman to ascertain what the performances of Mercedes or Audi engines would be like as compared to those made by Ferrari. 

However, the one thing Vasseur could guarantee Hamilton was that the Ferrari employees would give it their all to win. Having not won a championship since 2008, the entire team has just one goal in mind.

Per Vasseur, if there is any effort is lacking, the Ferrari employees will ensure to make them to help their team win. Thus, the #44 driver would be quite happy to see such commitment from his future team boss. Besides, he would expect nothing less, given his ambition to fight for his eighth world title at the Italian team.

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