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Charles Leclerc’s Space Plans Coincide With Lewis Hamilton’s Gamble on Elon Musk’s Passion Project

Aishwary Gaonkar

Charles Leclerc’s Space Plans Coincide With Lewis Hamilton’s Gamble on Elon Musk’s Passion Project

Lewis Hamilton has often mentioned his fascination for space and astronomy. So much so that the Briton wishes to travel to space one day on the back of his good relations with SpaceX founder Elon Musk. Apparently, even Charles Leclerc has a similar dream of wanting to be an astronaut.

According to a video on Instagram, Leclerc answered a question about which profession he would like to switch his F1 duties with if given a chance. The Monegasque stated, “An astronaut without a doubt. I would love to go to space and see what they go through. The perspective in which they see the world has to be unbelievable”.

Leclerc has hit a similar note to his future Ferrari teammate. Even Hamilton speaks about his fascination for space in the same manner. Whenever the seven-time champion gets some time to spare, he learns about stars, constellations, and other interesting aspects of astronomy.

Last year, Hamilton spoke about how he has spoken with Elon Musk about wanting to go to space, be it to the moon or to Mars. The SpaceX founder is actively pushing toward his vision of private space exploration and Hamilton would love to be a part of the same.

As quoted by Planet F1, the 39-year-old stated, “I am going yes, at some stage. I’ll let some other people go first because those things blow up on the way up! And he’s talking about going to Mars, but I’m ready to go to space at any stage.”

For now, both Hamilton and Leclerc have a lot on their plate to think about a dream journey to outer space. However, they have several common interests that could bring about some interesting collaborations from the duo once the Briton joins Ferrari in 2025.

The common interests of Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton

Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton have multiple common interests that include fashion and music. The future Ferrari duo are two drivers who are quite expressive in terms of their fashion and the clothing they sport.

Hamilton has been a fashionista of the F1 paddock. Seeing the veteran, even Leclerc has started developing some interest in wanting to have his own clothing line, something he is yet to materialize into reality.

However, the 26-year-old has started producing his own instrumental music and is getting a lot of appreciation for his work. Leclerc topped the charts on Spotify and iTunes last year after releasing a few of his instrumental singles he created via playing the piano.

This is something Hamilton has been hesitant to do. Despite having a knack for music and playing instruments, the 39-year-old has not yet tried creating any tracks of his own or in collaboration with his singer and rapper friends. Maybe when the Briton joins Ferrari, Leclerc’s music may inspire him to collaborate and produce something.

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