Cover Image for Cheapest car that Lewis Hamilton owns is the Mercedes Benz EQC which costs $77,000

Cheapest car that Lewis Hamilton owns is the Mercedes Benz EQC which costs $77,000

Janmeyjay Shukla
|Wed Aug 10 2022

Seven times world champion Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes Benz EQC is the cheapest car in the arsenal which costs just $77,000.

Lewis Hamilton is one of the richest active athletes in the sports industry with a net worth of well over $285 Million. He has plenty of houses and cars around the world.

The Briton’s car collection ranges from McLaren F1, Mercedes AMG Project One, La Ferrari, etc. Within the rich lifestyle, however, there sits a car in his garage that a working person can afford.

The cheapest car that the seven times world champion owns is the Mercedes Benz EQC. It is an electric car that is easy to drive on the road as well.

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The seven times world champion’s opinions on driving on the roads

Lewis Hamilton feels a lot stressed while driving on the roads. There are places like traffic jams, zebra crossings, and T-junctions which he does not find interesting.

Talking about the roads in France, he stated: “This road is crazy. So much going on here. Look, we’re on these roads, anything can happen.”

The Briton further compared the race tracks to the roads. He expressed: “It’s a far cry away from the racetrack, where the roads are clearer but the speeds are much higher.”

The cheapest car in Lewis Hamilton’s garage

The seven times world champion drives the Mercedes EQC electric SUV out on the roads. The 402 horsepower and 561 lb-ft of torque Mercedes car cost $77,000 only.

Driving this car has a special meaning, especially for the environment. The Briton wants to bring a change in the sport by promoting electronic cars taking the carbon footprints into consideration.

In an incident, Hamilton’s Mercedes EQC suffered a puncture. Hence, he had to change the tires. Sharing the experience, Hamilton stated: “We had a tire blow out on the motorway and had to stop at the station. Took a minute to change the wheel but once done, I was back on the road in my EQC.”

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