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Clip of Mini Max Verstappen Only Ends All Debate Around His Talents

Mahim Suhalka

Clip of Mini Max Verstappen Only Ends All Debate Around His Talents

Max Verstappen has broken multiple records in his charge to the three championship titles. However, his recent accolades have overshadowed the achievements from his initial years in the sport. The Dutchman became the youngest driver in the sport’s history and almost a year later, the youngest race winner.

The Red Bull man showcased he had the talent from a young age. An old clip showcases exactly how young Verstappen was when he started showcasing these talents behind the wheel.

It’s no secret the Dutchman was somewhat brutally trained by his father during his childhood. Jos Verstappen was his son’s coach, mentor, engineer, you name it. With the right guidance and training, he made Max the champion he is today. The three-time champion started showing glimpses of it early on. An interview snippet on Twitter (now X) highlights that.

An interviewer asked a visibly very young Max Verstappen, “How many races have you driven this season?”, “Um, five”, replied the young Dutchman. Next, he was asked, “Five races, have you ever lost?” To this, he confessed, “No, not even once.” with a smile.

The interviewer further asked the Red Bull man “how is winning all the races so easy?” Now, Formula 1 has always been split between the debate of man or machine. Which of the two have a greater influence or contribute more? The debate is as old as time with no conclusion in sight. Verstappen’s current on-track troubles have also put his 2023 domination in question.

However, his answer to the last question highlights the mentality and self-confidence of a world-champion driver from a young age. He said, “Well, (you need) a good mechanic and a good kart. And me as well.” A good car is equal to its competition without a good driver. Visa versa, the greatest driver in the world is only as good as their car and he proved it in Canada.

Max Verstappen proves his racing prowess in the 2024 Canadian GP

Heading to Montreal, it was common knowledge that Circuit Gilles Villeneuve wouldn’t suit Red Bull’s 2024 challenger. Sergio Perez proved it by getting knocked out in the first part of qualifying. However, this is where the Dutchman brought in the Max Verstappen factor. Despite being unable to ride the kerbs, which is necessary to extract the most from the circuit, he recorded the fastest time.

In the race, starting from P2 and falling to P3 quickly, the three-time champion stayed in the mix. He took every opportunity to pick the drivers in front of him perfectly. Because of the lack of pace, the 26-year-old bided his time and led the race without any on-track battles. In the end, he brought him his 50th win from his last 75 races.

An incredible achievement and an incredible race from a hugely talented driver. So, even though he did not have the fastest car on the track, Max Verstappen showcased the ‘man’ factor in the man or machine debate.

Post Edited By:Aishwary Gaonkar

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