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Despite Troubling History, Charles Leclerc Subjected to Scary Mob of Fans at Shanghai

Mahim Suhalka

Despite Troubling History, Charles Leclerc Subjected to Scary Mob of Fans at Shanghai

Thanks to the widespread popularity of Formula 1, every driver is like a celebrity. Among the 20 drivers, Charles Leclerc is one of the most popular names on the grid. However, this level of popularity is costing the Monegasque. As seen in the past, the Ferrari man is swarmed by fans whenever he is spotted in the streets. This scenario has led to one major security risk in the past. Despite that, and Leclerc’s plea to his fans, he was swarmed by a mob again in Shanghai.

Recounting the incidents, Leclerc’s customized Richard Mille watch was stolen because of similar treatment in Italy. However, luckily the perpetrators were caught and prosecuted. However, this did not put an end to the fans swarming his private space without a second thought. He had the same reception in Mexico as well where he was surrounded. To make matters worse, fans have started showing up at his front door in Monaco.

He issued a public plea to put an end to this scenario and asked the fans to stop showing up at his house uninvited. This public nature of their private lives also becomes a security risk with past incidents as evidence. Despite his best efforts and the PSA, Charles Leclerc was surrounded by Ferrari fans once again in Shanghai ahead of the race weekend.

A video on X posted by user @leclercsletters is going viral for all the wrong reasons. It showcased Leclerc walking into his hotel and being greeted by a big group of fans waiting in the lobby. As soon as the Ferrari man spotted the fans and started walking towards them to sign autographs, all hell broke loose. He was swarmed again and without security, surrounded within a matter of seconds. Seeing this, even the fans are expressing their frustration with this kind of behavior on X.

Fans express their concerns after Charles Leclerc is swarmed by stans inside his hotel

The information about any driver’s hotel leaking is a major concern. This leaves them without any privacy and can become a serious security risk. On top of that, in the video, the fans are already waiting inside the lobby which should never have been allowed in the first place. These are some of the concerns and opinions of the fans expressing their frustrations with the video going viral.

Fans highlighted one man was trying to control the mob, which wasn’t enough. Some also suggested that Monegasque should hire personal security to avoid a repeat of this scenario.

This happening inside Leclerc’s hotel where he will potentially be staying for the entire weekend is concerning. Let’s hope he can find a solution to this problem soon.

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Mahim Suhalka

Mahim Suhalka

Mahim Suhalka is an F1 journalist at the SportsRush. With an ever-growing love for the sport since 2019, he became a part of the industry two years ago and since then has written over 2200 pieces. A Lewis Hamilton fan through and through and with Hamilton's loyalties shifting to Ferrari, so will his. Apart from F1, he is a Football fanatic having played the sport and represented his state in various tournaments as he still stays in touch with the sport. Always a sports enthusiast Mahim is now translating his passion into words.

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