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“Doesn’t Mean You Can Break the Law”: Lando Norris Gets Lectured By His Friend On Dangerous Celebrations After Miami GP Win

Naman Gopal Srivastava

"Doesn't Mean You Can Break the Law": Lando Norris Gets Lectured By His Friend On Dangerous Celebrations After Miami GP Win

Having found a friend in Lando Norris during his streaming days, Martin Burtwistle, AKA AngryGinge13 has become increasingly famous for his F1 reaction videos. His latest video saw him celebrate Norris’ maiden Grand Prix win in Miami, but he wasn’t all happy with what he saw.

Ginge called Norris out for taking his hands off the steering wheel. He labeled it as dangerous driving, similar to how he reacted to Max Verstappen’s antics from two weeks ago. Per him, Norris didn’t have to do what he did, having just won the race.

“Just cuz you win the race doesn’t mean you can break the law.”

The reprimand aside, Ginge also give his viewers some funny bits. Unlike the most of the F1 community, the YouTuber doesn’t know who Zak Brown is. When the cameras cut to Brown (McLaren CEO) celebrating his team’s second win in 12 years, Ginge referred to him as “Norris’ dad or something”. 

The Scotland native laughed at Norris’ celebratory shouting on the team radio, claiming he was speaking to himself. Furthermore, when Norris jumped out of his car and into the arms of his team members, Ginge added the “dangerous” tag on that too.

While AngryGinge had a fun-filled reaction to Lando Norris winning his first-ever F1 race, his childhood best friend had a rather emotional one.

Lando Norris’ best friend got emotional after seeing him win

Lando Norris received dozens of congratulatory posts from people within the F1 fraternity following his win in Miami. None, however, would have been as personal as Max Fewtrell’s reaction post race.

A former racing driver, Fewtrell grew up karting with Norris and together, they dreamed of making to F1. Fewtrell didn’t realize this dream, but Norris did and watching his childhood buddy take that top step of the podium made him reminisce the old days.

Fewtrell left racing in 2017, citing mental health issues as the reason behind this big decision. But he was a talented competitor and made it all the way to F3 before calling it quits.

Now, he streams content online (often with Lando Norris himself), and watches on proudly as his friend continues to climb up the ladder in the pinnacle of motorsports.


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