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Due to Fernando Alonso, F1 Presenter Claims Carlos Sainz Only Has Williams or Sauber as His Options

Anirban Aly Mandal

Due to Fernando Alonso, F1 Presenter Claims Carlos Sainz Only Has Williams or Sauber as His Options

Fernando Alonso has extended his current contract with Aston Martin, which would see the two-time world champion stay with the team at least for another campaign. Soon after the team announced the news, F1 presenter Lawrence Barretto shared his thoughts. Barretto explained how Alonso’s extension with Aston Martin would leave Carlos Sainz with only two options for a seat in 2025.

Taking to his X (formerly Twitter) account, Barretto wrote, Alonso committing to Aston Martin shuts one door for @Carlossainz55. Sources say that leaves Williams and Sauber as the two most likely landing spots for him. Unless Red Bull decide they do want to partner him with Max again.”

Considering his performances in 2024 so far, many would expect Sainz to be one of the most sought-after drivers on the current grid. He has registered three podiums, which includes a race win, after the first four races of the 2024 season.

However, with Alonso’s announcement, the only spots arguably available at the top teams are now at Mercedes and Red Bull. While both teams are likely to consider the 29-year-old Spaniard as one of the candidates for their sides, it is pertinent to note that the current Ferrari driver is not the favorite to secure a seat at any of these two outfits.

Reports suggest that Mercedes are keen on promoting F2 prodigy Andrea Kimi Antonelli next year. Meanwhile, at Red Bull, Sergio Perez could be the favorite to keep his seat after his stellar start to the 2024 season with three second-place finishes after the first four races.

Therefore, it seems most likely that the only two options that are most likely available for Sainz currently are Sauber (which will become Audi in 2026) and Williams. Sauber could indeed be the favorites to sign Sainz because of the strong ties Audi has with the Spaniard’s father.

Who is Carlos Sainz going to drive for in 2025?

Although Audi seem the favorites to sign Carlos Sainz, there is no indication that either of the parties have had any kind of discussion about the same. If the German manufacturer does not sign Sainz, then Williams could be an option for him as well.

The Grove-based team have been progressing up the field in the last few years, and Logan Sargeant’s form has been disappointing to say the least. Therefore, many believe that Williams are likely to replace Sargeant, and if Sainz is available, then there could arguably be no better option.

As for Sainz, he perhaps would be desperate to either move to Mercedes or Red Bull as no other top side seems to have a vacancy available. If both these teams decide to look elsewhere, then Sainz will most likely need to make a bold decision, with the 2026 regulation changes in mind.

He will need to evaluate which side is likely to make the most progress among the current midfield teams that would give him the best chance to fight for podiums and maybe also wins. That side could very well be Audi, who will operate as a works team.

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