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Eddie Jordan Clarifies That He Won’t Spill Beans on Adrian Newey’s Future – “Mind Your Own Business”

Veerendra Vikram Singh

Eddie Jordan Clarifies That He Won’t Spill Beans on Adrian Newey’s Future - “Mind Your Own Business”

Adrian Newey’s future in Formula 1 remains a mystery. While it’s known that he will leave Red Bull in March 2025, his next move is still uncertain. There is a possibility that the British designer may leave F1 entirely instead of joining another team. When David Coulthard asked Eddie Jordan, Newey’s manager about his plans, Jordan’s response was clear.

Well, first of all, mind your own business, Jordan told Coulthard in a friendly manner on the Formula for Success podcast. When Coulthard pressed, saying that fans were eager to know about Newey, Jordan added, “Listeners will appreciate that there are certain times that you learn to zip up and shut the f**k up.”

Newey has been one of the most successful aerodynamicists in F1’s history and many teams have been trying to secure his services even before Red Bull formally announced his departure. The 65-year-old hasn’t said much about his future plans in the few race weekends he has attended since his Red Bull exit news came out.

However, Jordan stated that they are not going to rush into any decision. The Irishman said, “I’ve made it very clear and Adrian has made it clear he will make that decision.”

Jordan also mentioned Newey’s whereabouts during the Austrian Grand Prix weekend. He stated that Newey and his wife Amanda were on a driving trip along the south coast of the UK along with their dogs. The Red Bull genius is perhaps taking a much-needed time off from the chaos of Formula 1, rather than stressing about his future.

Several F1 teams are chasing after Newey

Having designed a dozen championship-winning cars, Newey is in high demand as teams prepare for their 2026 car projects. During the Saudi Arabian GP this year, it was reported that Lawrence Stroll offered Newey $126 million to join Aston Martin. However, Newey has yet to respond to this generous offer.

Meanwhile, Ferrari is also in the race to sign Newey. The 65-year-old has expressed regret about not working closely with Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari. With Hamilton set to join Ferrari next season, 2025 could be the perfect opportunity for Newey to fulfill this dream.

At the British GP, an unexpected update about Newey’s future came from former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson. Speaking to a Dutch reporter at Silverstone, Clarkson stated, “I know Adrian Newey is house hunting in Oxfordshire, not Maranello”.

Oxfordshire is the home of Williams, a team Newey has been linked to. If Newey is indeed looking for houses near their headquarters, it might mean he plans to reunite with Williams.

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