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“Enough Is Enough”: Lewis Hamilton and Kelly Piquet Join Forces for Peace in War-Torn Rafah

Veerendra Vikram Singh

“Enough Is Enough”: Lewis Hamilton and Kelly Piquet Join Forces for Peace in War-Torn Rafah

The phrase “All eyes on Rafah” has been doing the rounds on social media to highlight the global focus on the precarious situation in this Gaza city. People from around the world are showing their support for the Palestinians who are suffering due to the Israeli airstrikes. And now, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s girlfriend, Kelly Piquet, have also spoken out against the ongoing attacks by Israel.

Lewis Hamilton made a strong statement via his Instagram account, saying that the violence must stop because it is causing terrible suffering, especially for the children. The 39-year-old wrote,

Enough is enough. We cannot continue to watch this tragedy unfold and not speak up. The trauma and terror so many, but particularly innocent children, are experiencing is horrifying. This must stop – for the children, for their families, and for their lives“.


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To further highlight the issue, Hamilton shared a video that showed the lives of children living in refugee camps in Rafah prior to the airstrike on May 26th that killed at least 45 people and caused fires to spread quickly through the temporary shelters. However, Hamilton was not the only figure from the F1 community who raised his voice against the brutal attacks on Rafah.

Rebecca Donaldson, the girlfriend of Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz, and Kelly Piquet, the girlfriend of Max Verstappen, also shared the phrase “All eyes on Rafah” via their Instagram stories to spread awareness of the horrors the Palestinians are going through as shared by an F1 fan account on the platform.

Meanwhile, Kelly, who is a Brazillian Model, was also recently involved in raising money to help the flood relief operations in her homeland.

Kelly Piquet and Max Verstappen raised money to help flood-stricken Brazil

Earlier in May, Brazil was dealing with a severe flood caused by heavy rains. The southern state of Rio Grande do Sul was one of the hardest-hit areas. Many people around the world, including Kelly Piquet, were involved in the flood relief efforts in Brazil by raising funds for the affected families.

Kelly is part of a non-profit organization called The Bazaar For Good, a group of 30 remarkable women who are known for their work to help poor children around the world. The Bazaar For Good opened a clothing store to support their cause of helping Brazillian people by aiming to raise $500,000.

To help his partner, Max Verstappen also donated a signed Red Bull Racing shirt which was put in for auction through the clothing store to help raise money for the flood relief fund. The destruction caused by the floods have not yet ended, as a recent report revealed that the devastation has claimed the lives of 169 people from the time the storm hit the state on April 29.

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