F1 Party Mode: Mercedes and Honda request for postponment in Party Mode ban

Tanish Chachra
|Published 21/08/2020

F1 Party Mode: Mercedes and Honda suggest FIA postponement of a ban on the Party mode, with the official body set to do it before Belgian GP.

Motorsport reports that Honda and Mercedes have asked FIA to postpone their ban on the qualifying mode, as it was earlier reported that the governing body is determined to ban it before Belgian Grand Prix, which is set to kick-off on next weekend.

The report states that Honda and Mercedes need more time to investigate the different engine map and ensure nothing wrong happens if they race in one single mode.

As of now, Honda and Mercedes combine facilitate engines to 5 teams, Honda to Red Bull and Alpha Tauri and Mercedes to itself with Williams and Racing Point being their customers.

That covers half of the grid, presently Renault is satisfied with the proposed plans, as they are reportedly set to field both cars with new engines that match the new guidelines.

However, the teams can also choose to use the old model in Belgium. From the race at Monza, the ban only comes into effect. Now it remains to be seen whether FIA the plea made by Honda and Mercedes.

Will F1 Party Mode ban increase competition?

The answer to it as of now seems to be negative as Mercedes has openly claimed that it would on contrary help them even more, as the engines will have a substantial life as compared to now.

On the other hand, the ban affects all of them, i.e, everyone is stripped from this mode, which keeps the playfield equally uneven. So, even if there’s any probability of Mercedes losing anything from it, then it would be probably negligible.

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The ban initially got a hostile reception from all drivers, with many claiming it to be unnecessary.

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