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F1 Twitter baffled over lunchbox costing $40 at 2022 Belgian GP

Somin Bhattacharjee
|Tue Aug 16 2022

Formula 1’s summer break will end with the return of the Belgian GP, and fans can’t wait for racing to return. 

Last year’s Belgian GP left fans incredibly disappointed. The entire weekend was marred by treacherously wet conditions, and the race itself turned out to be one of the most infamous ever.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen qualified for pole, with Williams’ George Russell putting in a stunning display to qualify P2. Verstappen’s Title rival Hamilton finished P3. Who knew that on Sunday, the result would remain the same, after just two laps of racing action?

The two laps of racing actions fans witnessed, were all behind the safety car. This was because race control thought it was too dangerous for the race to go ahead considering how rainy it was, but they decided to award half points anyway for those two laps. It enraged fans, and the ones who paid hundreds and thousands of dollars to travel to Spa-Francorchamps were absolutely devastated.

Ahead of this year’s return to Belgium, fans have found yet another reason to criticize the race organizers.

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Belgian GP organizers are ripping fans off by overcharging for means according to F1 Twitter

Spa-Francorchamps’ position in the F1 calendar has been put under serious doubt. With the introduction of new races to the calendar next season, France and possibly Belgium may make way.

On top of that, the circuit management revealed earlier that they are facing problems with revenue. This is mainly because of the Covid 19 pandemic, and they haven’t completely recovered from that. As a result, some fans understand why they charge more for certain things, which are available for lesser price elsewhere.

However, what really infuriated F1 fans was the price of their lunchboxes. According to the track’s website, the standard meal service will cost $40 a day, and the premium will cost $50. This is part of a package for fans who are willing to travel to Spa for the race weekend.

Majority of F1 Twitter slandered the track organizers yet again for overcharging. On the other hand, there were people who all acknowledged the fact that most elite sporting events do charge extra for services like food and beverages.

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