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Fact Check: Was Adrian Newey in Italy to Hold Talks With Ferrari? New Pictures Reveal He Is Still a Red Bull Loyal

Nischay Rathore

Fact Check: Was Adrian Newey in Italy to Hold Talks With Ferrari? New Pictures Reveal He Is Still a Red Bull Loyal

Reports emerged earlier in April, claiming that Adrian Newey has been negotiating with Ferrari for a possible switch. Some even claimed that a second meeting will soon take place where the two parties will discuss the terms of the contract. The Red Bull chief technical officer, is in fact, in Italy. But is he there for a meeting with the Maranello-based outfit?

German publication Auto Motor und Sport reported Newey’s presence at Bologna’s Guglielmo Marconi Airport on April 16. The said report, however, vaguely revealed the timeline of the visit, claiming his spotting to be ‘recent’.

The Red Bull engineer then proceeded to Mugello, the legendary Tuscan track owned by Ferrari. However, he was there on the invitation of KR Motorsport for a classic free car test.

But does that mean the Italian F1 team has not approached Adrian Newey? That seems unlikely. Given how the Red Bull cars have dominated the championship ever since the advent of the ground-effect rules, Newey has emerged as a hot property.

The reports about a possible power tussle in Milton Keynes have further fanned the links between Newey and Ferrari. The reason behind the rumors gaining traction is the uncomfortable environment the 65-year-old is reportedly working in at Milton Keynes.

German reporter Michael Schmidt, who claimed to have visited Red Bull’s motorhome, made some startling revelations. Schmidt discussed how Adrian Newey has been working in isolation while Helmut Marko sat at a different table with his fellow Austrians.

Team principal Christian Horner, on the other hand, is busy containing the damage after the infamous investigation against him by making new friends.

Adrian Newey more likely to stay at Red Bull than leave for Ferrari

Claims and speculations aside, the latest visit to Italy without Ferrari’s presence seemingly proves Adrian Newey’s loyalty to Red Bull. The team may be going through a rough patch currently but the CTO seems keen on extending his stay.

His commitment comes at a time when F1 is awaiting the transition into the new era of regulations. The 2026 set of regulations majorly pertains to the changes to power units.

That is an area that the Red Bull works team has little experience in. Adrian Newey will most likely play a crucial role in guiding the alliance that the Austrian team has forged with Ford. The two entities will work together to manufacture the engines for Red Bull Racing.

However, Newey is not very enthusiastic when it comes to the approach that the FIA took while framing the new set of regulations. The Briton criticized them for the lack of leeway the engineers get in the current regime. The upcoming one further curtails that freedom in tandem with the cost cap.

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