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Fernando Alonso’s Manager Claims 2x Champion Gave Aston Martin What Sebastian Vettel Lacked

Tejas Venkatesh

Fernando Alonso's Manager Claims 2x Champion Gave Aston Martin What Sebastian Vettel Lacked

The P3 in Saudi Arabian GP was Fernando Alonso’s 100th podium. Alonso joins a list of 6 drivers to have accumulated over a century of podiums across their F1 career.

The Spaniard has enjoyed an electrifying start to the season. He has secured two podiums with his new team and is currently 3rd in the Driver’s championship. And according to his manager, the 41-year-old can be gunning for more.

Flavio Briatore, Alonso’s manager, states the driver is finally enjoying F1 again. And with a competitive car at his disposal, the former Ferrari and Renault driver is not far from winning races again.


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Briatore talks about Fernando Alonso’s risk before joining Aston Martin

Flavio Briatore, Fernando Alonso’s manager, says the racer has been enjoying his time so far at Aston Martin. The 2x world champion seems to have had a career revival with the Silverstone-based outfit.

The Spaniard’s time with Alpine was coming to a close in 2022. The French team, however, chose only to give the 41-year-old driver a 1-year extension, which he found insulting. And then Aston Martin came knocking on his door.

Briatore told, “We took a risk. But it was worth it. They offered us a two-year contract while others, with the excuse of age, only one. In there we saw the desire for change that wasn’t there at Alpine.”

The Italian credits team owner Lawrence Stroll for assembling a great team too. The Canadian Billionaire has hired new faces in the team and also funded the team’s revamped infrastructure.

Briatore added, “He took a lot of people from Red Bull and other teams. Previously, they were number two or three and he gave them greater responsibilities. He has invested in the wind tunnel and in the new headquarters at Silverstone. If you want to grow, you have to do this.”

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Briatore compares Alonso with Vettel

Aston Martin has doubled their podium count since Fernando Alonso’s arrival. The Spaniard’s successes in 2023 have made the team look stronger than Ferrari and Mercedes.

Previously, during Sebastian Vettel’s time, the team was a backmarker turned midfield team. However, now the team looks more dangerous and has the potential to win races, which Flavio Briatore credits Alonso to.

He said, “Fernando brought enthusiasm and ambitions never seen before, which wasn’t there during Vettel’s period. You also need those to beat Ferrari and Mercedes.”

The Spaniard’s last race win was in the 2013 Spanish GP. But his manager believes, “Fernando has a car that is easy to understand and drive. If he has the opportunity to win, he won’t let it slip away.”

Flavio Briatore was the man who introduced Fernando Alonso to F1. He brought him to Renault and delivered 2 Championships with the French team in 2005 & 06. Alonso and he also share a dark past, as the Italian masterminded the Crashgate scandal in 2008 while he was at Renault.

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