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“Fernando Is Looking Elsewhere”: Mike Krack Admits Alonso Has Launched His Exit Plan from Aston Martin

Aishwary Gaonkar

“Fernando Is Looking Elsewhere”: Mike Krack Admits Alonso Has Launched His Exit Plan from Aston Martin

Aston Martin have certainly started the 2024 campaign on the wrong foot, unlike 12 months ago. While Fernando Alonso was charging to podiums this time around last year, he struggled to keep his car even in the top 5 in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The bottom line is Alonso is visibly unhappy, even if he diplomatically claims otherwise. Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack admitted that the Spaniard will look elsewhere, given his contract expires in 2024 and if the Silverstone team doesn’t improve their performances.

On The Race F1 podcast, Samarth Kanal shed light on Krack’s comment after the Saudi Arabian GP. He said, “Mike Krack also acknowledged today after the race that Fernando is looking elsewhere and Aston Martin should try and keep him. It might be a bit of a task for them.”

Kanal also mentioned how Alonso hinted at his contractual situation for 2025, “The way Alonso put it was ‘I don’t want to keep Aston Martin waiting.’ That was quite a polite way to put it.”

Why are Aston Martin struggling in 2024?

Aston Martin are not in a position to fight for podiums like the first half of 2023. The AMR24 is lacking raw pace relative to the likes of Red Bull, Ferrari, and even McLaren and Mercedes. For instance in Jeddah, the Aston cars struggled in the final sector which has long straightaways and requires good top speed.

While Alonso is doing his best to extract the most out of the car and produce some stellar qualifying results, the race pace is not there to back it up. The two-time champion was not able to attack in Bahrain and dropped from P6 to P9. Similarly, in Saudi, the 42-year-old somehow managed to stay in 5th, after McLaren and Mercedes went for an off-set strategy with two of their cars.

Alonso has assured that they would look to get better come the second half of 2024. However, the initial signs of the AMR24 getting better are not good. The Silverstone team would hope to pull off a McLaren-like comeback. Still, if they can’t, then their star driver is knocking on other teams’ doors for a 2025 seat.

With Lewis Hamilton leaving Mercedes, there is already a lucrative open seat for Alonso to take up. There have been reports that Mercedes would look to sign up the Spaniard. However, with Max Verstappen potentially leaving Red Bull, that could change the dynamic for Alonso’s negotiations. It is a very unlikely possibility that Red Bull may have a vacancy at Verstappen’s seat, but if there is, it opens up opportunities for the #14 driver.

Where will Fernando Alonso end up in 2025?

Aston Martin retaining Fernando Alonso is becoming less likely with each passing race weekend. The Spaniard has an option to extend his contract for one more season in 2025. Given that he has chosen to not exercise it, speaks volumes about his mind space regarding his F1 future.

The 42-year-old also has hinted that he is currently thinking about whether he wants to continue racing. Given how Alonso is arguably still at the peak of his powers, it makes little sense why he would consider retirement. He cited that it is mainly due to the physical challenges of the ever-expanding F1 schedule with 24 races this season.

However, if we consider that as a narrative masquerading Alonso’s high-profile negotiations for 2025, the market is wide open for him. The Mercedes seat is a strong possibility for him among the available seats at the moment. Replacing his old nemesis Hamilton and winning races for the Silver Arrows is the perfect story arc Alonso would relish in 2025.

But the performative handicap of Mercedes may put second thoughts in the Spaniard’s mind. This is where the remote Red Bull possibility comes in. Now, Max Verstappen at 26 can afford to make a risky move to the Brackley outfit and bet on their long-term prospects. Alonso doesn’t have that luxury.

Turning 43 this year, Alonso is desperate to fight for wins and his elusive 3rd world championship. So, just in case the Dutch champion parts ways with Red Bull, the #14 driver won’t waste a minute signing up for the Milton Keynes team for 2025.

Post Edited By:Tanish Chachra

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