“He changed completely when he became a dad”: Natalie Pinkham revels major behavioural changes in Sebastian Vettel after becoming a father

Tanish Chachra
|Published 23/11/2022

After his last career race, Sebastian Vettel went live on his Instagram with over 100,000 people watching him saying something important. The German race driver talked about the environmental initiatives he planned after retirement.

While talking about the initiatives, he gave a backdrop on how he has been so awakened towards the environment over the years. He admitted that while winning titles with Red Bull, he hardly cared about what was happening to the world.

However, certain events in his life changed his opinion, and now he is more accountable for his actions. So much so that environment is one of the driving factors of his retirement.

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Sebastian Vettel changed after becoming a father

One of the prominent changes behind his behaviour towards environmental preservation is his children. The German admitted that he wants a better world for his kids’ generation. Natalie Pinkham, an F1 journalist, backs this claim and talks about how she saw changes in Vettel.

“In the last 12 years, a real change in him, I really pin it on him becoming father,” said Pinkham on the F1 Nation podcast. “I think he changed completely when he became a dad. So, it’s care more about the world around him.”

Pinkham added that he abandoned his former ambitions where he cared more about winning the races. According to her, Vettel started to see a bigger picture and softened as a person.

Waited for the person till the last person at the marathon

After the Abu Dhabi GP qualifying, Vettel organized a marathon around the Yas Marina circuit. Around 300 people joined him for the lengthy run.

Tom Clarkson revealed that Vette; attended every person who joined the marathon. He managed to be with everyone, joining several groups while running.

Moreover, Clarkson said he thanked everyone individually for joining his initiative. Vettel greeted even the last person to complete the run, who, according to the F1 nation podcast host, crossed the liner over an hour later than the first person who completed the run.

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