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Helmut Marko and Toto Wolff Bury the Hatchet Over “Common Values ​​for Which We Fight”

Mahim Suhalka

Helmut Marko and Toto Wolff Bury the Hatchet Over “Common Values ​​for Which We Fight”

Since the start of the year, the F1 world has been consumed by off-track drama. However, no news ruled the headlines like Red Bull boss Christian Horner’s inappropriate behavior accusations. Even though he was acquitted of his crimes, the internal drama created a lot of ripples. Now, it might affect the future of Helmut Marko as hinted by Toto Wolff.

The Mercedes boss, ahead of the Monaco GP, talked about his once-scorned relationship with his countryman. Wolff admitted the once rivals now share mutual respect. As quoted by OE24, he admitted, “Because we stand for the same values.” He also added, “At the end of the day, I’m about respect.”

Even Marko agreed to mend ways with the rival while quashing some exaggeration. He said, “There are no longer these tensions as we have had in recent years. I heard we were blood brothers now, but that’s a lot of exaggeration.”

Toto Wolff has grown increasingly kinder toward his Red Bull rivals. Max Verstappen admitted the same during an interview earlier in the season. Wolff’s been extending his arm of friendship ever since he got the hint of internal turmoil within the Austrian team.

The goal is still to poach the reigning world champion. However, to get to him, the 52-year will have to go through Helmut Marko because of the widely discussed early exit clause. With all direct routes to Verstappen blocked, which is why, according to suggestions, Wolff is taking the patriotic route. However, Red Bull’s CEO has poured cold water on Wolff’s desires.

Red Bull CEO Oliver Mintzlaff poured water on Toto Wolff’s desires

Red Bull’s internal power struggle has already claimed one victim, Adrian Newey. However, the troubles don’t end there as many key personnel are rumoured to leave including Helmut Marko.

Perhaps the most important of all, Marko’s departure to Mercedes, will wreak havoc on the current champions. However, addressing the rumours Red Bull’s CEO Oliver Mintzlaff has quashed the possibility.

As quoted by, he said, “Him [Helmut Marko] at Mercedes? I think he’s out of the question. Helmut is closely linked to Red Bull and we owe him a lot, he even had the courage to bring Max to F1 at just 17 years old.”

Not only did he refute any such suggestions, but Mintzlaff also highlighted Marko’s importance. However, the 81-year-old’s importance was never lost on anyone. It is the current power struggle within Red Bull that is making everyone within the team a target.

Post Edited By:Aishwary Gaonkar

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