“I probably wouldn’t have been successful”- Lewis Hamilton doesn’t believe Moto GP is his cup of tea

Samriddhi Jaiswal
|Published April 01, 2022

Lewis Hamilton says that he probably wouldn’t have been successful if he had been racing in Moto GP instead of F1.

Lewis Hamilton swapped rides with Moto GP legend Valentino Rossi for the first time in 2019 in Valencia. And while it was a dream come true for the seven-time world champion, he thinks that he probably wouldn’t have been this successful if he had been racing in Moto GP.

Speaking at the IWC Signature Talks along with Rossi, Hamilton revealed his love for bikes and said that as a young kid he wanted bikes more than cars. “My dad didn’t want me to, it was too dangerous.”

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“He got me four wheels instead of two and it was the right choice. Because if I had been racing at that time I probably wouldn’t have been successful.”

However, the Briton does have a superbike and at the end of the year, he likes to go out and do some track days. Talking about his experience of riding a bike, Hamilton said, “It’s fascinating, it gives you a different perspective.”

“Watching it on TV is one thing but it’s a lot different than an F1 car. I had the privilege of doing that bike and car swap day. It was a dream come true for me to experience a Moto GP bike, and to be on the track with the legend himself. It was very surreal, probably the coolest day ever.”

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Rossi says he knows Lewis Hamilton in a better way

The two legends of motorsport famously swapped their rides in 2019 in Barcelona. Hamilton rode the 2019 Yamaha bike, while Rossi drove the 2017 Mercedes F1 car.

Rossi has won nine Grand Prix World Championships and is widely considered to be one of the greatest motorcycle racers of all time.

Speaking about his experience Rossi said, “We enjoyed it very much and we had a great chance to stay a bit together. To speak freely without a lot of pressure I enjoyed a lot because I know Lewis in a better way.”

“It’s very strange because all the Moto GP and I love F1 and all the F1 drivers love Moto GP. So the two sports are at the top of motorsport and they are very connected. It was a great emotion to ride it together with Lewis.”

Praising Hamilton, Rossi added that the Briton has great skills and he is very strong. “It was a great emotion to drive his car. When you drive an F1 it is a fantastic feeling. It was a great day and I will remember it forever,” Rossi concluded.

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