“I really enjoy working with Honda”– Max Verstappen claims Honda’s mentality is extremely different from Renault

Tanish Chachra
|Published October 17, 2021

Max Verstappen draws a comparison between Renault and Honda and called the outbound Japanese manufacture ‘mentally different from Red Bull’s ex-allies.

In late 2018, Red Bull’s relations with Renault deteriorated, while the latter used to supply power units to them. Even though they have won four titles with Renault, the French manufacturers were giving massive reliability issues.

It was irking Red Bull to an extreme extent. The Milton-Keynes-based outfit, seeing their spoilt prospects, decided to end the partnership in 2018. Since then, Honda has been serving Red Bull.

In 2021, Honda’s engine got massive praises for its powerful performances, and allowing Red Bull to clear its deficit against Mercedes. However, the Japanese manufacturers are bound to leave F1 at the end of this year.

Observing an end to an effective alliance, Max Verstappen reveals that he enjoyed working with Honda and says they have a very different mentality while comparing them to Renault.

“The relationship is different now, purely because we work much more integrated than before,” said Verstappen. “It’s just a very different mentality, and I’m not saying that to criticise Renault, but it’s very different. I really enjoy working with Honda.”

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Max Verstappen is committed to the transition

With Honda’s exit, Red Bull neither preferred to go back to Renault nor thought of taking help from its rivals- Mercedes and Ferrari for a new PU.

Instead, they are determined to have their operation in Milton-Keynes, and for that they fought for the engine freeze. Because of the freeze, they will continue to use the 2021’s engine, and Honda will keep assisting them from their home.

Speaking about it, Verstappen says his team is committed to the idea. He feels Red Bull is doing everything in their control to become a full-fledged manufacturer.

“Of course, we are fully committed to that now, so I have a lot of confidence in that,” Verstappen said. “Only time will show how it will go. You can’t fill that in yet. Red Bull is, of course, doing everything it can to make it a success.”

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