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“I support Lewis Hamilton” – Nico Rosberg reveals why Mercedes star’s success is surprisingly good for him

Samriddhi Jaiswal
|Sat Jul 16 2022

Nico Rosberg said that he supports Lewis Hamilton in the 2022 season and wants him to perform better with the underperforming W13.

Nico Rosberg had a fierce rivalry with Lewis Hamilton when they drove together in Mercedes. After two years trying of trying to beat Hamilton, Rosberg finally prevailed in the 2016 championship battle.

The rivalry between the two drovers showed several on and off-track tussles. It has also been compared to the greatest rivalries of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.

After winning the championship in 2016, Rosberg retired from F1. Meanwhile, Hamilton continued and is now a seven-time world champion.

The Briton was on the verge of becoming an eight-time champion but a heartbreaking end to the 2021 season snatched the opportunity away from him.

Going into the 2022 season, Hamilton was hopeful to make a return to the top but he has been provided with an underperforming Mercedes in the 2022 season.

While many would believe that Hamilton’s downfall might be music to Rosberg’s ear, the latter has made it clear that it is not true.

In a recent Instagram live, the German revealed why Hamilton’s success is surprisingly good for him. He said, “I support Lewis actually. The better he does the better it looks on me since I beat him in 2016.”

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Rosberg opens up on his rivalry with Lewis Hamilton

The two drivers were once close friends and knew each other since childhood. However, this relationship deteriorated as they were both fighting for the championship title.

Rosberg revealed that the deterioration was a build-up over time, rather than one flashpoint in their numerous battle.

Speaking to Eurosport, the German said, “It happened immediately when we were fighting for the World Championship, not before.”

“No, it was a build-up from one race to the next,” he added when asked if one particular moment had changed things between the two. “If you want to decide the World Championship for yourself, you can’t play ‘peace, joy, pancake’.

“You have to test limits and go into grey areas to win. Especially when two drivers are at such a high level. And then it often gets tight.”

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