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“I think he’s taking it easy”– Nigel Mansell thinks 103 Grand Prix winner Lewis Hamilton is taking 2022 easy

Tanish Chachra
|Fri Aug 19 2022

Nigel Mansell thinks Lewis Hamilton is taking it easy this year and is yet to be at his best this season after winning seven titles.

At the start of the 2022 season, Mercedes nowhere looked like it would dominate this season. The Silver Arrows have gained a lot since then,  but are yet to be at the top.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton, who has dominated F1 throughout his career, has won at least one race in each season he entered. In 2022, he has yet to win a race, which could end his streak.

However, former F1 champion Nigel Mansell claims that Hamilton is taking it easy this season and is yet to show his ultimate form this year with Mercedes.

“I think the opportunity that George has cast on the fact that Lewis hasn’t decided to dust off his right foot yet,” said Mansell in an interview with Adrian Flux. “I think he’s taking it easy.”

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Nigel Mansell thinks George Russell is doing a fine job

Meanwhile, Russell, who joined Mercedes this season, has been nothing less than Mr. consistent. Apart from the British Grand Prix, he has never been out of the top five finish this year.

Therefore, it has propelled Mansell to praise Russell. He thinks that his compatriot is doing a very fine job in his first season with Mercedes. He holds the same opinion for Lando Norris.

“He [Russell] is doing a great job and I think Lando when the car is performing, he’s put some great results in. “I think what we’re seeing is jockeying for position with the constructors, how competitive from one race to another they are.

“And you know, one minute you think, for instance, McLaren are up there again, they’re going really well. And then the next race they’re back down here.”

Mansell further thinks that this season has got its three protagonists– Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes. He thinks a team can jockey in between, but otherwise, it’s a game between these three sides now.

“I think at the front, you’ve got the three protagonists at the front again, you’ve got Ferrari, you’ve got Red Bull, and you’ve got Mercedes,” Mansell added.

“And you might have one other occasionally jockeying for trying to get on the podium, but it’s those three main manufacturers that have got it taped.”

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