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“I Was a Mess”: Charles Leclerc Opens Up About How His Rookie Year in F1 Took an Absolute Toll on Him

Tanish Chachra

“I Was a Mess”: Charles Leclerc Opens Up About How His Rookie Year in F1 Took an Absolute Toll on Him

An F1 driver’s life can be very hectic. Traveling across the world for nine months, to 24 different races takes a toll on one’s physical and mental health, and Charles Leclerc is no different. The Ferrari driver reveals how in his first-ever F1 season, he became a ‘mess’ because of this sudden change in his life.

“I arrived in my first year of Formula 1 and to be honest I was a mess,” said Leclerc, on Jay Shetty’s podcast. “I was doing the flights myself, and I will get to the track the day just before the practice. And I will be super tired, especially at the end of the season you don’t manage to stay at your 100% all the time.”

Leclerc added that with time, he learned things, and today, he has a team that makes his entire process of travel and accommodation seamless.

The 26-year-old also found out that there is a huge difference between F2 and F1 in terms of the load an individual takes. With the former, driving and winning races remain the sole focus. In F1, however, there are more responsibilities-  be it on track, simulator, or entertaining the sponsors. For a Ferrari driver like Leclerc, these engagements are limitless.

Leclerc further elaborates that it is all intended to optimize oneself for the end of the season, which is very crucial. His diet and training are well taken care of. However, for him, one thing stands out the most.

Sleep is paramount for Charles Leclerc

On the podcast, Jay Shetty recognized the physical demands of F1 and asked Leclerc about his routine and lifestyle to remain at the top of his sport. The Monegasque driver replied, “For me, sleep is the number one priority.” 

The Ferrari driver revealed that he is particularly strict about his sleep schedule, and gets around 10-12 hours of sleep every day. However, sleeping on a plane is one thing he cannot do. About his diet, Leclerc disclosed that he has a dietician in Milan who follows him.

On the other hand, hydration is important for him because the level of fluids F1 drivers can lose during a race is huge.

In a sport where only 20 drivers get to compete, stars like Leclerc must remain at the top of the game. Hence, physical fitness is one area that always requires endless attention.

Post Edited By:Somin Bhattacharjee

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