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“I was running away from Michael Schumacher” – Sebastian Vettel reveals how he had dodged seven-time world champion

Samriddhi Jaiswal

"I was running away from Michael Schumacher" - Sebastian Vettel reveals how he had dodged seven-time world champion

During the 2011 Autosports Awards ceremony, Sebastian Vettel revealed that he had been running away from Michael Schumacher.

It is no secret that Sebastian Vettel looks up to Michael Schumacher as an idol. He got very close to the latter during his karting days.

When Vettel debuted in F1 in 2007 with Toro Rosso, Schumacher had already retired. The former never really got the chance to race next to his idol.

But when Schumacher made a comeback in the motorsport in 2010, Vettel gleamed with hope by having the opportunity to race against his idol.

Apart from racing in F1, the German duo also came together for the annual Race of Champions on several occasions. Vettel shared one incident from his time together with Schumacher.

Vettel was called to the stage at the Autosport Awards ceremony in 2011 to receive the honour of International Driver of the Year.

Speaking to the audience at the gala, Vettel said, “I was at the Race of Champions and last couple of years I ran away from Michael because he was chasing me to have a drink or two in the evening.”

He went on to suggest that Kimi Raikkonen was probably not at the gala because he was having a drink with the former Ferrari driver.

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Sebastian Vettel thinks Charles Leclerc has a lot of talent

Vettel teamed up with Charles Leclerc at Ferrari in 2019 and thinks that the latter has got the talent to win a title.

The German said, “I think there are lots of drivers in Formula 1 that have a lot of talent obviously and Charles is one of them.

“He’s in a good car and he deserves to be. So hopefully the car will be good enough for him to fight for the title this year.”

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