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“If we can’t extract the best out of Seb it’s our fault”- Aston Martin trusts Sebastian Vettel’s calibre

Tanish Chachra

"If we can’t extract the best out of Seb it’s our fault"- Aston Martin trusts Sebastian Vettel's calibre

 “If we can’t extract the best out of Seb it’s our fault”- Aston Martin believes that Sebastian Vettel is still at the peak of his career.

Aston Martin believes that it made a crucial investment in its programme by hiring Sebastian Vettel. The technical director of the team Andy Green has shed light on its team’s thought about the German race driver.

“We haven’t really got into where his head was at previously. We’re a team looking forward to. But all I can say is he appears incredibly relaxed,” the Briton said to the Racer.

“He has integrated into the team very quickly. His contribution started immediately,” he added. On Thursday, for the first time, Vettel took on its new Aston Martin for a run at the Silverstone.

It’s our failure if Sebastian Vettel fails.

Aston Martin’s faith in Vettel sounds unbreakable, as Green has claimed that his team believes that the German International us still at its peak, and it would be their failure if he doesn’t shine with them.

“I think we’re going to get the best out of Seb; I really do,” Green said. “He’s at the top of his career; he’s there. So I think if we can’t extract the best out of Seb, it’s our fault, not his. I’m confident we can get Seb in the right place.”

On the other hand, Vettel knows his team’s responsibility and the faith they’ve shown his new team is showing in him. He believes that he would be enjoying his time at his new team.

Meanwhile, he also aims to take on his former team Red Bull and secure a position right behind them in 2021, in other words, the lucrative P3.

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